Friday, March 03, 2006

Sleepy sleep


So Wolf Creek did not live up to the hype, well except for the 20-30 people that got up and left during it because they couldn't handle it. I actually thought it was pretty crap and just gross. Maybe all this violence on tv and in movies really does desensitise you, because I was just not freaked out. I missed the best part of it though - apparently there was a group of christians who sat through all the other gross disturbing stuff but as soon as there was a guy being crucified that was blasphemous and they had to leave. So rape and head-on-a-stick etc. was all okay but a guy who was nailed up on a wall wasn't? Go figure...

Toru and I also went and saw Copote on Tuesday night. It was good. It's one of those movies that has you feeling some sort of something towards the bad guys. You know they're bad and deserve what they get but you still feel really bad about it. Although being in NZ I can't say that they deserve the death penalty.

Still waiting on a call from the Real Estate agent... At least it's not Rob the nob, but it is one of his colleagues so maybe I shouldn't hold my breath. Grrrr it's no wonder these places have been on the websites for so long - they never bother to return your calls.

Apparently I may have some work to do now... :P Oooo I have business cards as of Wednesday. Fun fun fun

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