Wednesday, March 29, 2006

and the bible says - Maree doesn't care

I'm in such a complacent mood... I think that's the best word to describe it. Then again I don't know. I don't know what triggered it either but it all started yesterday.

I'm sick of doctors now (wait wasn't I always?)... I had what has to be one of my most pointless visits ever. Why did I bother? And as usual they don't know what to do. So life goes on as usual.

Basically got accosted by two Asian female Christians when walking through Albert Park yesterday afternoon. I was happily walking along listening to music on my iPod when these two girls come walking up the hill looking rather lost. So when one of them said 'excuse me' I figured they needed directions. But no... Instead I got 'are you christian' - NO, 'do you want to study bible' - NO... And I run away annoyed. It's the last time I try to help anyone!! If they want to 'study bible' that's their choice. Leave me alone. At least I didn't yell profanities at them as I know Toru has done on Queen st before.

It's as bad (or is it worse?) as damn telemarketers... My favourite one yet is hi I'm blah blah blah from blah blah blah is there anyone in your household over 35 or whatever ethnicity (I forget which)... They were completely out of luck there. Toru has this amazing ability for knowing after 'hello' that they are telemarketers. They don't get a word in.

I shall now go back to my lathargicness and stare at the computer. Maybe if I stare hard enough I will burn a hole right thru.

Oh and ha ha ha,2106,3619189a11,00.html

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