Friday, October 27, 2006

Where is the common sense?

I ask myself this all the time... The number of people with common sense seems to be declining exponentially.

Here is yet another (amusing) example

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Frustrated to no end

So apparently (as of today) broadband has been unleashed. I wish they hadn't. Besides the obvious issues (like the fact that the current state of the lines/networks can't handle everyone being on fullspeed) the plans have gotten worse. It wasn't great before but it was a lot better... For instance I had 30GB international traffic cap and unlimited national traffic, theoretically at 3.5Mbit/128k. I now (without choice) get "upgraded" to "fullspeed"/128k with an "unlimited" cap. Too many speech marks... How can you call it "unlimited" when you are only allowed to use 700MB of traffic during peak hours? That my friend is a CAP. And without the free national, a "fullspeed"/"fullspeed" with a 20GB cap at $80 isn't alluring enough. Unfortunately as I look around at all the other plans on offer with other ISPs I have realised I am with the lesser of evils.

Apparently the new plan/policy will not effect many customers........................ I already know of many that it will.

So yay for our upgrade to fullspeed - our internet speed will now get worse.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Pot burgers


The brillaint invention called bcc

It's nice to see what people say behind your back. Needless to say, my door is longer open to said people/person :P Bless the person that bcc'd their reply with the original email. Bless technology :P

Don't mess with me, seriously. As Tsz said - they picked the wrong person to piss off. Especially around here. I have many, many contacts