Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More on 'X'

So it appears I'll find out more by looking at online profiles. If there's major stuff like that going on in Xs life and I have to read about it online... Really shows the state of our so-called friendship.

Is there something in the water at the moment? Everyone seems to either be getting engaged or pregnant. Oh but wait the pregnancy thing has been happening for awhile.

Cheesy balls

So drunken ping pong is quite fun. Well at least it lasts for quite awhile and for some reason a certain person ended up with the nickname cheesy balls. It's funny, I can't remember how we came up with that but there's no way I'll forget the name *hehehe*.

100th episode of Smallville was a little disappointing. I preferred the first ending. The actual ending was so obvious but I guess it had to happen anyway.

I'm annoyed at hairdressers at the moment. I got my hair cut last week and it looked really good and everyone loved it. Then I made the mistake of washing it a couple of days later. Now it constantly looks like crap. How come no matter what I do I can't get it to look how it did then??? No matter how much I straighten it or put product in. Urghhhh so pissed about that right now.

That stupid "you're beautiful" song is out to get me. Every friggen where I have to put up with that annoying whine "you're beautifulll" ick ick ick. Had to hear it twice in Smallville and at the hairdresser and at the supermarket. Death to it.

I really should go to the gym. It's so muggy... I'm dying (or should I say "I'm melting... melting". And my entire body itches from mozzie bites. Death to everything!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Krypton exists!!

No but seriously... Two NZ astronomers helped discover a planet that
resembles earth the most out of all the new planets discovered. It's
much bigger and is made of rock and ice and has a temperature of -220C.
But get this... It has a RED star about 1/3 the size of our sun. See,
red star... Sounds a little suspicious to me ;-) Yay for Krypton

That is all

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Verbal spewage

It's funny how much things can change in a year (well I guess in this case it's really two years). Hmmmm I don't know what I want to say really. Don't you love how people say things but their actions say something completely different. This is really the case here. You'd think if you were once supposedly someone's best friend that seeing them for the first time in forever might warrent something. It's probably one of those things when you shouldn't think much of it but it totally just backs me up with what I was thinking 2 years ago when this pretty much started. Oh well I guess I know that person X is still alive. It just goes to show though... I don't think about it much but when something really good happens I still think about them. Which is really a waste of my time.

Moving on from all that crap (I just had to add some verbal spewage to my post... I couldn't help it!!)... I was supposed to be supervising a test in about 30 minutes but I'm now being a reader/writer since they left it to the last minute.

The Jacket was good. Definitely one to see. Oh and Little Fish was good, we saw that last week. If you have the chance go to Rialto Newmarket - it's soooo nice there now.

I'm trying to work out who would be visiting my site from South America. All the other blobs on the map I can work out - although I did have to look at a map of USA to work out where the blob was... I blame Toru. I was guessing it was Colorado because I know David checks this site sometimes but Toru seemed to be thinking Colorado was closer to the top. Shame on him. If I can't count on him for useless information I'm doomed. On that note - I don't really need to watch Nat Geographic etc. because whenever we do he beats the commentator to saying everything. I wish I had useful useless information (yeah I know that sounds stupid). I know all this random stuff that nobody really gives a damn about :P

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

We're all doomed... well apparently

Auckland is the 15th most unoffordable place to live in the world (based on housing prices). Awesome... Surprisingly enough Christchurch is the 29th. It beats Wellington.

Oh and I'm sure we're all pretty screwed. They think the NZ dollar won't drop down as they'd predicted. I guess it's selfish to enjoy the high dollar now :P If it drops I know Amazon will be losing out on a lot of business from me :P

Oh yeah, I'm not losing my mind. Just incase you thought my last post meant I'd completely lost it. They wanted to send me home from work yesterday :-/


Monday, January 23, 2006

Low, low... oh so low

Hiding in a bathroom for half an hour is a good indication that you've pretty much lost it. All the wrong people are the only ones that care... Well wrong in the sense that they can't actually do anything to help

"when you try your best but you don't succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need, when you feel so tired but you can't sleep, stuck in reverse"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rob the nob

Yet another thrilling Saturday night at work. I think in almost 2 hours I have taken 3 calls and only one of them required me doing something. And it lasted like 2 minutes. Joy.

My thesis is never going to get done. When I say "I have to be finished at the end of January, I won't be around in the last two weeks of February" do you hear "it's not due till the end of February so we have plenty of time"??? I know I don't. Grrrrrrrr.

*yawn* I need to stop yawning. I still have another 3 hours and 15 minutes to go.

Anyway so Rob is a nob. I call a certain real estate office on Friday asking about viewing one of their rental properties. The stupid wench on the phone tells me politely to piss off (actually she told me in a really annoying voice to call Rob the nob on his cellphone). So both Toru and I try calling the cellphone on Friday only to get an answer message. So leave a detailed message with contact numbers. It's Saturday morning - have we heard back? No. So Toru calls again and finally gets an answer only to be told to "view it from the street and call me on Monday if you're still interested". Hence me calling him Rob the nob. Well I was calling him that before but yes. It's put me off even looking at what rental properties they have available.

Urghhhhhhhhh I desperately need to move before I get violent and kill our flatmate.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doing a masters degree means you get to do stuff like this

I was trying to think of something extra cool for the first post of whatever version of my website I am now up to. Obviously that didn't happen. So yes my thesis is pretty much ready to be handed in but am I allowed to print and bind it? A big fat no to that. Despite my month of being very firm about when I needed to submit. So I am wasting time between tutoring and work. Hence the redesigned webpage.

I've decided that good things almost always happen unexpectedly and often at the most annoying times. For example: I have gotten to the point of accepting that I will be doing a teaching diploma this year (and still vehemently objecting to anyone saying I'm going to be a secondary school teacher). Enrolment is done, teachnz money is being organised and loan is about to be organised for fees. I have also regrettably accepted that I will have another year of part-time work with no time for myself. Okay I think I've set it up well enough now. And then I find out (with a month left before the diploma starts) there's a job at uni that I'd pretty much be perfect for. The pay is good (especially as a starting, getting your foot in the door type thing) and the hours would be fairly flexible. Plus the current holder of this position has told numerous people he wants to clone me and believes I am the only person (after him) that is experienced and knowledgeable enough for the job. Conclusion... I've decided I'm applying (I'd be stupid not to) but it's going to be tight. There would be a few days between finding out if I got it and the diploma starting. So a lot of very quick refunding money and pulling out of things.

Anyway I'm hungry. And also far too excited about my website. It's much prettier than before. I don't like how it was before. Stupid old layout. I hope everything is functional. I've tested as much as possible. No more LiveJournal... I could've done this with LiveJournal but not for free. So basically I need food and kudos :)