Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doing a masters degree means you get to do stuff like this

I was trying to think of something extra cool for the first post of whatever version of my website I am now up to. Obviously that didn't happen. So yes my thesis is pretty much ready to be handed in but am I allowed to print and bind it? A big fat no to that. Despite my month of being very firm about when I needed to submit. So I am wasting time between tutoring and work. Hence the redesigned webpage.

I've decided that good things almost always happen unexpectedly and often at the most annoying times. For example: I have gotten to the point of accepting that I will be doing a teaching diploma this year (and still vehemently objecting to anyone saying I'm going to be a secondary school teacher). Enrolment is done, teachnz money is being organised and loan is about to be organised for fees. I have also regrettably accepted that I will have another year of part-time work with no time for myself. Okay I think I've set it up well enough now. And then I find out (with a month left before the diploma starts) there's a job at uni that I'd pretty much be perfect for. The pay is good (especially as a starting, getting your foot in the door type thing) and the hours would be fairly flexible. Plus the current holder of this position has told numerous people he wants to clone me and believes I am the only person (after him) that is experienced and knowledgeable enough for the job. Conclusion... I've decided I'm applying (I'd be stupid not to) but it's going to be tight. There would be a few days between finding out if I got it and the diploma starting. So a lot of very quick refunding money and pulling out of things.

Anyway I'm hungry. And also far too excited about my website. It's much prettier than before. I don't like how it was before. Stupid old layout. I hope everything is functional. I've tested as much as possible. No more LiveJournal... I could've done this with LiveJournal but not for free. So basically I need food and kudos :)

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