Saturday, July 29, 2006

The long walk for a solitary beer

After having almost two bottles each of tripel and before 9pm, Toru decided he needed more beer. I swear the more tripel you have the more accustomed you become. Since I am such an upstanding citizen I wouldn't let Toru drive to get more beer, even though he'd only had two beers (yes two beers in Tripel world... 4 in the real world). Anyway so not content with just any beer we couldn't walk 5mins to The Barn (or whatever it's called). I didn't want any more beer but being the good girlfriend I am I went walking too. We walked to Liquorland about 15mins away and it was closed. So on we walk to the supermarket despite the fact they would probably only have normal beer. But we got there and much to his delight there was tripel. And what happens? Only one was drunk so in the end it was a long walk for a solitary beer (oh and sorry, also the 5 lamingtons he ate). Beer explains why Toru was actually willing to walk that distance :p

I deserve a prize - I went to the gym, on a Saturday, for a good 90mins.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kicking and screaming

I've been given the okay on throwing things and I've been told I can kick and scream also. I'm ready to start writing letters of complaints to almost everyone.

Last week I was quite clearly given the impression, actually it was pretty much spelt out, that all the reports were in and my thesis was now marked and it was just a matter of everything being processed. So 8 days later and still nothing so I ask what's happening... Apparently it's not all sorted. Incompetence everywhere I tell you!! The deadline for graduation is in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS!!! If it took over 5 months to get the damn reports in how long is it going to take them to sort this out??? The next three weeks are extremely busy for me and then after that I'm basically off to Canada. I don't have time to be dealing with this crap.

How does any of this encourage the growth of the postgraduate population?

Oh and don't you just love how when something is your responsibility everyone else has an opinion on how things should be done? Yet they do absolutely nothing to help...

I'll go back to my quiet fuming. If you see smoke, that'll be coming from my head.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another 'people suck' rant


Grrr I'm all pissy. It was so much better when uni and schools were on holiday. The traffic was better, you always got a seat on the bus and I could actually go to the gym.

Here I am with a gym membership I can't even use. Could've easily used that money for something else. The world is against me - they want me to get big and fat and unhealthy. I stood around waiting for a machine for 15mins at the gym till I just gave up and took off. Why does everyone have to go to the gym at the only time I can make it.


I wanna blob out and eat junk food :-

Monday, July 24, 2006

What I learnt about ski boots...

1. You almost break your feet trying to get into them
2. It's a workout to get your feet out of them
3. It's extremely hard to walk in them
4. It's virtually impossible to walk down stairs
5. Almost makes you wish you were a male so you could pee standing up

Yes well... I survived. No broken bones. The only aches and pains are from the stupid soft bed at the hotel which meant very crappy sleep. Getting there was not fun. There was snow on the runway in Queenstown so instead of a direct flight from Auckland to Queenstown we got taken to Invercargill. Now no offence to anyone in Invercargill but it's certainly not on my top 10 places to stop in. Hmm I wonder if it would even make my top 100?? Probably not. The airport barely existed, you had to walk outside to get to baggage claim. So once we got there we all had to pile onto buses for 2.5-3hrs to get to Queenstown. But, of course, we made it. And the bright side of all of that was that there was fresh snow and apparently Coronet Peak was the best it's been.

I have waaaay too many photos but that's what digital cameras were made for :P My photos are here

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I hate couriers

At the risk of sounding repetitive... I HATE COURIERS. I've lost track of how many times I've said this but they always, always prove the point over and over again. While I was out to lunch a message was left for me saying there is no such address and it's been marked undeliverable. IDIOTS. Absolute IDIOTS. And they'll only deliver to another address or a post shop. And not until tomorrow. So tomorrow I will have to walk 10-15mins to get to the post shop. Ahhh customer service at its best as usual.

In other news, apparently the assessor's report has finally come in on my thesis so I may see my mark before the end of this century. Only 5.5 months after submitting. Should get to graduate in the sucky Spring ceremony though.

Friday, July 07, 2006

When will it stop?

Most people will answer never... I'm more likely to go with the "when people get sick of this" but who knows when it will be. I'm definitely over it. To be honest, I don't know if I was ever really that interested. Although I guess when the first ridiculous ones started I at least showed an interest in how stupid people are and if they wanna give away money like that why not give it to something more beneficial. Then again it's their money - if they want to waste it.

So anyway all this ranting... Once again there is a news article about someone's auction on TradeMe

Schoolboy seeks belle for the ball

Now if I was completely out of my mind and decided to bid on such an auction, I would at least like to know who I was going with. Because in my mind (and this is coming completely from what guys were like at my high school) it would usually be some arrogant, "I'm so great" jock. Now the article says it shows "a certain degree of entrepreneurial flair"... But how is that when we've already had the hugs, cigarette butts, handbags, streaker bikinis etc.? It's not an original idea but good on him for trying to get some money. If he was a gentleman he would put that money towards hiring a limo and getting a nice corsage for the poor girl.

Now if you're interested, here's the auction. I notice there are no bids so far? Although I'm sure now that the NZ Herald has written an article about it, there will be many visitors.


There is now a bid... But is it real I ask you? And Nick actually just pointed out something to me - maybe he should have specified the sex... Then again these are progressive times and perhaps he is a very progressive boy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh the stupidity

Interesting what makes the news these days

Train driver's pie-stop holds up traffic

I really have no words. I mean seriously?

Work finally got me a heater. It's a fairly small column heater so it gets to sit behind my desk with me. Mmmmm heater goodness.

My gloves really are falling apart. I've stitched the tips up so many times yet they still continue to fall apart. Toru blames my nails but I of course find that ridiculous :P

It's our two year anniversary on Saturday. I have cool stuff planned and of course it's cool because I am cool and yes. I think I shall make my most awesome blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Oh yeah... after 5 months I rejoined the gym! That's not to say that I haven't done any exercise in 5 months but I certainly haven't been doing much and with it being winter and dark all the time I can't really go for a run. So yes I rejoined the gym at uni and I've been going after work. My calves are a bit screwed after the assault they got. The first day I went back I ran just under 3km and cycled just under 8km, all in 40mins. I managed to do 50mins of cardio yesterday.

We've been watching Black Books lately. Brian kindly leant me the first two seasons and being a UK sitcom they are very short seasons. Nonetheless it is excellent and I had to go and order the 3rd season since Brian doesn't have that and there's absolutely nothing on tv to watch these days. Okay I lie... Occasionally there is something to watch.

Someone please buy me new merino gloves :) I thank you in advance