Saturday, July 29, 2006

The long walk for a solitary beer

After having almost two bottles each of tripel and before 9pm, Toru decided he needed more beer. I swear the more tripel you have the more accustomed you become. Since I am such an upstanding citizen I wouldn't let Toru drive to get more beer, even though he'd only had two beers (yes two beers in Tripel world... 4 in the real world). Anyway so not content with just any beer we couldn't walk 5mins to The Barn (or whatever it's called). I didn't want any more beer but being the good girlfriend I am I went walking too. We walked to Liquorland about 15mins away and it was closed. So on we walk to the supermarket despite the fact they would probably only have normal beer. But we got there and much to his delight there was tripel. And what happens? Only one was drunk so in the end it was a long walk for a solitary beer (oh and sorry, also the 5 lamingtons he ate). Beer explains why Toru was actually willing to walk that distance :p

I deserve a prize - I went to the gym, on a Saturday, for a good 90mins.

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