Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh the stupidity

Interesting what makes the news these days

Train driver's pie-stop holds up traffic

I really have no words. I mean seriously?

Work finally got me a heater. It's a fairly small column heater so it gets to sit behind my desk with me. Mmmmm heater goodness.

My gloves really are falling apart. I've stitched the tips up so many times yet they still continue to fall apart. Toru blames my nails but I of course find that ridiculous :P

It's our two year anniversary on Saturday. I have cool stuff planned and of course it's cool because I am cool and yes. I think I shall make my most awesome blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Oh yeah... after 5 months I rejoined the gym! That's not to say that I haven't done any exercise in 5 months but I certainly haven't been doing much and with it being winter and dark all the time I can't really go for a run. So yes I rejoined the gym at uni and I've been going after work. My calves are a bit screwed after the assault they got. The first day I went back I ran just under 3km and cycled just under 8km, all in 40mins. I managed to do 50mins of cardio yesterday.

We've been watching Black Books lately. Brian kindly leant me the first two seasons and being a UK sitcom they are very short seasons. Nonetheless it is excellent and I had to go and order the 3rd season since Brian doesn't have that and there's absolutely nothing on tv to watch these days. Okay I lie... Occasionally there is something to watch.

Someone please buy me new merino gloves :) I thank you in advance

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