Friday, March 31, 2006


Big boss man says I may have my time off :P He's signing the form now. YAY. I wanted to get that sorted so we could book flights. It's not till Aug/Sept and I chose dates that wouldn't mess with work stuff I have to personally do.


Back to the dark ages

We were tv-less last night. Yes I know, life is so tough! Sometime before 7pm the Optus B1 satellite had an outage... The tv continued to tell us that we were experiencing atmospheric conditions that were affecting the signal. HA yeah right... Just before leaving for work some 20 mins ago there was some sort of picture back. That's a looooong outage. All is not lost as I came to the rescue last night with a new episode of Lost and Scrubs for our viewing pleasure. Mmmmm something. Oh and according to the Sky website, we're all getting credits. Praise the lord... No please don't

I'll go back to my Special K with dried berries... Then, well it's free drink time at the coffee cart

Thursday, March 30, 2006

tomorrow is Friday

So far today I have walked to the coffee cart and said hi and paid. No 'this is my order'... Yes you could say they know what I get by now. I'm there basically every day. Now is that good or bad? Every 5th one free is good. Plus it's cheaper there, and more reliable.

Anyway so this whole get rid of the 5c coin business and how it won't change prices. Yeah whatever. So apparently from November if you buy a single 45c stamp you will be charged 50c due to rounding. Yet it's still called a 45c stamp. So let's see... If I buy 9 stamps over some space of time they've made a profit of an entire stamp from me. Okay rather pointless............ But hey these things start small. What's going to be next????

Oh yeah I have a meeting with my staff in about 25 mins. Guess that gives me 25mins to look at whatever else I planned to look at on the web this morning.

3 weeks on Sunday till David Gray. Yayness (yes I know it's not a word)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

and the bible says - Maree doesn't care

I'm in such a complacent mood... I think that's the best word to describe it. Then again I don't know. I don't know what triggered it either but it all started yesterday.

I'm sick of doctors now (wait wasn't I always?)... I had what has to be one of my most pointless visits ever. Why did I bother? And as usual they don't know what to do. So life goes on as usual.

Basically got accosted by two Asian female Christians when walking through Albert Park yesterday afternoon. I was happily walking along listening to music on my iPod when these two girls come walking up the hill looking rather lost. So when one of them said 'excuse me' I figured they needed directions. But no... Instead I got 'are you christian' - NO, 'do you want to study bible' - NO... And I run away annoyed. It's the last time I try to help anyone!! If they want to 'study bible' that's their choice. Leave me alone. At least I didn't yell profanities at them as I know Toru has done on Queen st before.

It's as bad (or is it worse?) as damn telemarketers... My favourite one yet is hi I'm blah blah blah from blah blah blah is there anyone in your household over 35 or whatever ethnicity (I forget which)... They were completely out of luck there. Toru has this amazing ability for knowing after 'hello' that they are telemarketers. They don't get a word in.

I shall now go back to my lathargicness and stare at the computer. Maybe if I stare hard enough I will burn a hole right thru.

Oh and ha ha ha,2106,3619189a11,00.html

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Queen of the castle

Yes, yes I am. Nick and I finally rearranged furniture in my office and so I now have the HUGE desk and we've managed to find even more floor space. I could have a party in here easy.

I also have a plan. gives discounts on most flights... Flight Centre has a beat price guarantee. Therefore I shall get a quote from Zuji and take it to Flight Centre and get them to beat it. Yay. It's brilliant. Mmm I want more Chupa Chups (they're leftover from the training sessions I've been running). I really should apply for the time off work at some time. It's not till Sept but early bird gets the worm or something like that right? "O Canada......" Interestingly enough that's the only part I know and whenever I say it I hear Ralph Wiggim's voice in my head.

Someone gave me a Student Discount Card for Dominos... Pitty I don't order dominos.

Mmmmm want more Chupa Chups.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


they got a bronze. How cool... I never would've been that good.

*sigh* I kinda miss swimming. Only kinda though

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I must say, it's weird watching people you went to primary school with competing in the games... Plus ad to that, you used to train, compete and do duets with them. Very strange.

Today is a good day to be a kiwi. Lots of medals by our standards :P

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today must be my lucky day

HAHA so many dodgy and not so dodgy things happening today. I was one of the "randomly selected" people that vodafone sent a txt to saying you'd get 50% bonus credit if you top up today or tomorrow. So I put $100 on, that way I get $50 free and won't have to top up for quite awhile.

I also managed to score the 50% student discount on Sunday star times subscription. Which isn't exactly dodgy, technically I'm a student because my status is 'active in programme' until my thesis is marked. Teehehe.

The other extremely dodgy thing I can't mention. Some of you will know anyway. Let's just say somehow I got access to something that is very much in early testing phases and nobody can work out how I managed to do it or why it only happened to me. Many people are jealous.

As you can see I'm really hard at work - as always :) Of course I am of course I am. Got a free pen and mug with that subscription as well

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Having myself a sulk

Yeah so yesterday's flat listings in the paper proved to be a lot better than usual. Unfortunately we found the perfect place at a fairly good price but we were 2nd in line for it and missed out. I was worrying about getting it and what not a lot last night for some reason and therefore did not get much sleep/sleep very well. And now every other place is going to need to be up to that standard for that price *cries*.

On a more pleasant note, we went to Strassman last night which was great. My cheeks hurt from laughing and I was almost in tears. I also got a 17" lcd monitor yesterday (ahhh it's nice to have money to do such things) and I'm still trying to come to terms with the amount of desktop space I have. Mmmmm yummy monitor.

Battle for Middle Earth II is fun... I've never liked strategy games, probably cos I spent a lot of my 1st year at uni sitting around watching my ex play the most boring game for spectators ever. But once I got to destroying things and winning I started to like it a lot. I think I get huge brownie points (not that I need them :P) with Toru for buying it. It was on his computer before I got a chance. I dont think I'm up to playing against him yet though.

Hmmmm I wonder if I have enough brownie points to get a shoulder rub. I need it

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Organisation... obviously lacking

So uhhh I just checked my email and there was an email "Fwd:trainees". I had no idea who it was from, thought it was spam but decided to have a look anyway. It was an email Forwaded by the education faculty from Dilworth to say when the first day for the teach trainees would be. Why the hell am I getting emails like that? I politely (and in as few words as possible) replied saying uhh I withdrew from the diploma before the course start date.

Everyone at work finds all of this stuff rather amusing because I'm sorting out stuff for myself that we would usually be doing for students. Like having to repay the $5k.

Really, where is the organisation??

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Apparently my bank manager is on holiday. But someone actually called me - maybe that's why.

What is the point in voicemail?

What is it with people not ever bothering to return voicemails??

We know that a certain Real Estate company doesn't. I don't need to repeat that one again...

But it also appears that my "bank manager" doesn't return v/mails either... He also never answers his phone. When I wanted to cancel my overdraft I had to talk to my bank manager and not someone on the 0800 number. Yet I'm sure if I wanted to extend my overdraft they would have happily done it. Now I need to make a large one off payment but National Bank has a limit on the amount of a one off payment and it can be temporarily increased by, guess who... Yes my bank manager. All of this hassle now because the TeachNZ payment ended up going thru even though I'd pulled out. So now I have to pay that money back of course, yet the stupid online banking won't let me.

There are other people I've had to call everyday until today when they finally answered their phone.

So seriously - what is the point in voicemail? And why the hell do people always say that we should leave a message so they can get back to us. If you don't check your v/mail then be friggin blatantly obvious about it. "Hi I can't take your call and I'm too lazy to return voicemails so it's probably best not to leave one"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Go away

Maybe I should go back to bed and get up again... I have maybe 2 hours of work left and I still haven't woken up. And guess what? This is gonna be a whine post... I have mozzie bites again, they itch and they're big and annoying. I'm sick of looking and looking for new places to live. They're either nice but too expensive or nice but way too far from the city. Or they're listed with a certain real estate agent who seem to think it's inappropriate to respond to voicemails or let them contact you on their office number. We even made the effort to drive past two places they had listed but when I try to call I went straight to v/mail - and that was on Friday. It's now Tuesday. I want to kick them all in the ass.

I also want to take qualifications away from many people at this university. My patience is starting to wear out today... Don't try to patronise me because I'm new - just because your predecessor can't notify me otherwise doesn't mean I stuffed up. How hard is it to reply to an email saying I'm no longer the contact person. Grrrrr...

I have to get handbooks printed and the quote they gave me is insane. I will be nice and not call them and tell them to shove it.

Oh boy I'm in a good mood :P

I went for a run last night but half way thru my stomach started getting semi-quesy. Stupid friggin stomach

In good news... I got my final pay today (and I obviously did have holiday pay owing - yay) and pay from here. I ended up with a lot of money today

Friday, March 03, 2006

Perks of the job

Sugar overload... There's little tester containers of choc mousse and some sort of almond/nut vanilla icecream from Burger Fuel in the staff fridge. This is bad. And I can't hassle Nick for getting more cos I got more too.... Plus they left some $2 off vouchers around.

And... free drinks this afternoon. Score.

As you can tell, I'm working extremely hard

This is worth seeing

NZ Herald article

awesome :)

Sleepy sleep


So Wolf Creek did not live up to the hype, well except for the 20-30 people that got up and left during it because they couldn't handle it. I actually thought it was pretty crap and just gross. Maybe all this violence on tv and in movies really does desensitise you, because I was just not freaked out. I missed the best part of it though - apparently there was a group of christians who sat through all the other gross disturbing stuff but as soon as there was a guy being crucified that was blasphemous and they had to leave. So rape and head-on-a-stick etc. was all okay but a guy who was nailed up on a wall wasn't? Go figure...

Toru and I also went and saw Copote on Tuesday night. It was good. It's one of those movies that has you feeling some sort of something towards the bad guys. You know they're bad and deserve what they get but you still feel really bad about it. Although being in NZ I can't say that they deserve the death penalty.

Still waiting on a call from the Real Estate agent... At least it's not Rob the nob, but it is one of his colleagues so maybe I shouldn't hold my breath. Grrrr it's no wonder these places have been on the websites for so long - they never bother to return your calls.

Apparently I may have some work to do now... :P Oooo I have business cards as of Wednesday. Fun fun fun