Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A winters day

So I could basically plagarise Daniel and talk about the car windscreen being frozen solid and what not but instead I will ask you this somewhat rhetorical and amusing question...

How often do you hear this: "Black ice causes accidents in Auckland"???

Of course, when I lived in Dunedin you wouldn't even blink an eye at something like that. It would be more of a groan and "not again".

One sight of slightly white looking grass and everyone gets excited. Frost is the closest to snow Auckland City will see and we're lucky to even get that.

It's a cold, cold winter... (and I have to go to Christchurch tomorrow night *brrrr*)

Monday, June 26, 2006

testing RSS feed

okay i'm satisfied that it is working now... otherwise if it's still causing probs i've put the link to the Atom Feed back

RSS and what not

Okay call me slow but I only this morning decided to see what all the fuss was with this RSS stuff... I easily set up Daniel's Blog in Google Reader so then I decided I wanted to have it for my blog. Of course I didn't realise that there was already an atom feed in full working order. So I was trying all these other things and not feeling awake so really not wanting to look at code when Nick said doesn't blogger do it automatically. But I didn't remember seeing anything on my site saying atom but I looked anyway and there was this word 'atom' towards the bottom of the page. How sad. I shall fix this and make its presence known.

I need hot chocolate

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Yes crap... We were pondering what music Nathan will be listening to when he grows up and decided it would most likely be some genre that doesn't exist yet. Suddenely it sprung to my brilliant mind :P - country/rap. And Toru turned that into crap (in the spirit of the popularity of combining names I'm sure). That then led us to the many variations you might have of crap...

Now does anyone know where the plug adapter is for my camera charger??

Friday, June 23, 2006

So don't worry about radiation...

worry about the lightning factor. Yes lightning. In the latest of "public service" announcements - you should not use your mobile phone outside during a lightning strike (article). But then you aren't safe inside either because I saw the news - I saw that house on the North Shore that got zapped by lightning and blew everything out of the power sockets.

At least if you're in Auckland you could feel better by the fact that apparently our politeness is 7th equal in the world.............. Yes that loud silence is all of us pondering what the rest of the world must be like if Auckland made it to 7th equal. To be fair, there are some polite-serviced stores around. But not enough to make 7th equal.

So maybe those silly teenage boys all those years ago in my advanced driving course were right to point out the "lightning factor" as a hazard in every single driving scenario we looked at.

Yeah or not...

Friday, June 16, 2006

What is the world coming to...

Yes what is the world coming to when a simple metal "D-shackle" (basically a metal fastner thingy) can cause a power cut to most of Auckland.

*shakes head in disbelief*

Today is a good hair day

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dark Ages

So of course almost everyone knows Auckland was without power yesterday. I'll just throw my story into the pool of many. We were running 5 mins late yesterday morning so at 8.30am we were still in the car when the power went and the traffic lights went. So those final 5 mins were loads of fun. Auckland drivers can be bad even on a good day but with lights out they fall into 3 categories... Those who don't know what to do if lights aren't working, those who know what to do but can't be arsed because they're more important than everyone else, and those who just go with the flow.

So we all sat around in reception at work waiting for power to come on. My laptop had full battery but thinking the power cut may last far longer I wanted to wait till I was desperate to turn it on. Then the university started making announcements and sometime before 11am we shut down and left. I got sick of waiting for a bus (there didn't seem to be any heading in the direction I wanted) so I gave up and started a long, annoying walk. Walking with traffic lights out is not fun. Walked to Toru's work, one of the few places that had actually stayed at work doing stuff, and stayed there till the power came on and then I got driven the rest of the way home. I then proceeded to sit on the couch and watch tv all afternoon. What a great day :P

Finished watching Supernatural season one yesterday, which was far better than I expected, so I have started going through my DVD collection as I have nothing else to watch. Stupid slump in shows.