Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dark Ages

So of course almost everyone knows Auckland was without power yesterday. I'll just throw my story into the pool of many. We were running 5 mins late yesterday morning so at 8.30am we were still in the car when the power went and the traffic lights went. So those final 5 mins were loads of fun. Auckland drivers can be bad even on a good day but with lights out they fall into 3 categories... Those who don't know what to do if lights aren't working, those who know what to do but can't be arsed because they're more important than everyone else, and those who just go with the flow.

So we all sat around in reception at work waiting for power to come on. My laptop had full battery but thinking the power cut may last far longer I wanted to wait till I was desperate to turn it on. Then the university started making announcements and sometime before 11am we shut down and left. I got sick of waiting for a bus (there didn't seem to be any heading in the direction I wanted) so I gave up and started a long, annoying walk. Walking with traffic lights out is not fun. Walked to Toru's work, one of the few places that had actually stayed at work doing stuff, and stayed there till the power came on and then I got driven the rest of the way home. I then proceeded to sit on the couch and watch tv all afternoon. What a great day :P

Finished watching Supernatural season one yesterday, which was far better than I expected, so I have started going through my DVD collection as I have nothing else to watch. Stupid slump in shows.

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