Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blue pants

New Simpsons... Ahhh blue pants and GK Wellington, esquire (or was it JK? hmm).

Apparently they've solved the shortage of fruit pickers problem... Prisoners are being paid 20c an hour to pick it. Just think, after 5 hours of work you'd have an entire dollar. Awesome.

In other more pleasant news... Toru came home with flowers and a necklace for me last night and then took me out to my favourite restaurant. Ahhh the perks of relationships :P

I got a couple of free double passes to a special screening of Wolf Creek on Wednesday night. It's being released here in a couple of weeks and everyone claims it's pretty hard out. It's supposed to be a thriller/horror.

HAHAHA it just started raining quite a bit and I've got a great view of the hords of students getting off the buses and getting drenched. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Mmmmm moisturised hands

Monday, February 27, 2006

and we turn to the stars...

"You greet your birthday this year with all the enthusiasm you would display toward a lottery winning. Perhaps because you realize that in many accounts, you have indeed won the lottery. Your relationships are strong and getting stronger"

the horoscopes seem to be nice to me at the moment... Yesterday's said that those from 18 months ago would be extremely surprised by where I am in my life now and what I had achieved and that I would really be able to shock them with something this week. Score.

On another note... it took about 15 mins to get my hot choc fix this morning. The students are back in full force :(

I am the dancing queen

I'm changing the song (not the dancing queen song). It is now "It's my birthday and I have more David Gray tickets". YEAH BABY YEAH!!! Emma came through again and is going to join me at the 2nd Auckland concert as well. *dancing dancing dancing* This time I got us 2nd row centre. I swear to god, they are soooo reserving the front row seats. Those bastards :P Now just to smuggle my camera in.

So yesterday twas the birthday celebrations so to speak (but my bday is actually today). Toru's family took me out for lunch on Waiheke. When we arrived at the place they were playing "The Other Side" and then they proceeded to play White Ladder in its entirity. Yes - I am in Dave heaven. Then we walked around the beach before jumping back on the ferry to Auckland. Had dinner and drinks at Cardrona. To all of you who didn't show - SHAME ON YOU :P To everyone who did make it - thanks :) After 4 pints of very average beer (what do you expect at a Speights Ale House?? Just don't let my Dad hear me say that) and being told that the kitchen was closed (so no dessert), we went home. Toru had a projector from work to "test" for his clients. In other words we lay sprawled out on the bed watching The IT Crowd on the bedroom walls. I'm so buying me a projector now :P

Friday, February 24, 2006



I wanna go to both. Now to find someone to go to the second one with me

Mmm fudge

pleaseeee?? *bats eyelids*

Purple monkey, yellow dishwasher

I think Katie used that as part of the title for a composition in Form 5 music. I was just talking to her on MSN which for some reason reminded me of that. Plus I think someone said it on a repeat of the simpsons that was on recently.

My eyes sting. Stupid computers.

Curling is the most boring sport in the world. Well I guess bowls comes close. At least in curling there are butch European ladies to laugh out as they scream "fast fast... clean FASSTTT". Did NZ manage to win any of its curling games? They seemed to get to play a lot but not actually win anything.

I have a mozzie bite on my little finger :( Also on my leg, my arm and my shoulder. So I guess that's good for me since the count is under 10.

Yay it's almost lunch time. Mmmm my fudge is all at home :( I had to keep it away from me

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


See this is what happens when things overlap etc. Today I checked my account balance figuring that my other job would have paid me. They had (and it's done every fortnight) but so had my new job and Studylink (which must be my last or 2nd to last payment from them). Yeah there's just a little bit of money in my account today. Of course bills and rent will make it look not so impressive. Still it's time I actually cancelled my overdraft rather than just saying I will. I shall call them soon.

Ooo uniguides coming around today with freshers. *teehehehe* Can I scare them? Nah I'll play nice. At least it will be something to do for a few hours. I got told that my rep news for Craccum couldn't be accepted (jokingly) because it was in early and they're just not used to that.

Oh yeah we're going to Strassman's Get Chuck'd tour. Mum took me to one of his other tours when I was in Dunedin one year. Was a lot of laughs so hopefully this one will be the same. Guess I should do some real work :P

Monday, February 20, 2006

Another year goes by

So in a week I will be 23. At this time one ponders what one has done in their life (or in other words, Maree has too much time to sit and think about life). Let's see... I have a Bachelors Degree and unofficially have a Masters Degree. Somehow I've managed to get myself a fulltime job which is officially a managerial role (which still baffles my poor brain) and I have an awesome boyfriend. Hmmm so now it's time to ponder the big issues of life... Like what am I here for? And what is the meaning of life... HAHAHA. Don't hold your breath on that one. I think I've adopted the great principle of going with the flow and seeing where things lead me. It seems to be working.

Moving on from my bullshit :P Mmmm The Fudge Cottage in Christchurch has an online store. This is very bad. I resisted ordering up until yesterday afternoon. Mmmmm good fudge. www.thefudgecottage.co.nz

Sadly I think it's time for a trip to one of the many cafes on campus. I was trying to resist the urge but my willpower is not strong enough (especially on a Monday morning)

Friday, February 17, 2006


I can hear David Gray - Alibi playing quite loudly and I'm not the one playing it. Hmmmm interesting. I am impressed. Everyone in these offices seems to have iTunes and all their music shared on it. Ways to pass the day :P

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Information overload

My poor poor brain... Trying to wrap itself around the fact that I have a humongous office all to myself (I'll get an assistant in like 3 months and then it might not seem so big) and I'm in charge of an entire team of people. How the hell did that happen?? Oh yeah I applied for it... Check.

Crap the other phone is ringing. Not the one on my desk. And in typing that I didn't have enough time to run across my humongous office to answer it. At the moment I basically come in the morning and teach myself more stuff. Information overload, information overload. I basically train myself. With all this sitting around and early mornings, I'm at the uni cafes waaaay too much.

I think I'll take a lunch break soon :)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Insane happy dance

oh yeah... *dances*

The job is mine. MINE MINE MINE :) Oh yeah. I just deleted myself from all the teaching diploma classes and have filled in the form to get them to delete me from the programme. Crap I need to go call Studylink so they'll stop bugging me. I should do that now.

Christchurch was great. I'll put random photos up when I can be bothered.

2 weeks left at Quicksilver. I'll be kinda working two jobs over the next few weeks but it's all good.

No more being a poor student!

Oh and anyone in Auckland - keep the afternoon/evening of the 26th free. I'm gonna do some sort of drinks celebration for my bday/new job/finishing my masters :P

Friday, February 10, 2006


3RD ROW CENTRE... WOOOOOOP!! I think the front two rows have been reserved - dumb.

I've officially completed my Masters! Give it some time to sink in... It feels good though - although I'm half asleep and really hyped up.

Interview this afternoon, having such a good day that it has to go well too :P

Off to Christchurch tonight for my first real holiday in ages :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's all about the Dave-man

Emma has come to my rescue... Well we've kinda come to each other's rescue. She's coming up to Auck for the Dave concert and was going to be going alone... So we figured we might as well get seats together. I don't know how well behaved I will be at the concert now :P It's gonna be madness.

I'm getting impatient... Probably because I have a bit too much free time at the moment (well more than I'm used to). They haven't called about the job yet and I'm starting to get antsy. Apps closed on Friday and it's just over a week before the teaching dip starts. Eeeeek. I knew time was going to be tight but this is pushing my sanity to the limit. Plus I want Friday to come, and have all week. Friday morning I get to hand my thesis in and officially be done with my 2-year masters. Friday we go to Christchurch for a long weekend. Friday I buy Dave tickets (front row baby... I will accept no less :P).

"Life in slow motion somehow it don't feel real, it doesn't seem real... Snowflakes are falling I'll catch them in my hand"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sights nobody should have to see

So we're driving down Grafton Rd this morning and this stupid cyclist in front of us had to stay in the centre of the lane so of course we had to drive rather slowly. As if that wasn't bad enough... The cyclist was a larger man and his shorts had slipped down enough that you had a lovely view of his butt crack. Lovely. I'm surprised I didn't throw up.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Everybody sucks

So there!

Blah... anyway. Looks like I will be taking me, myself and my imaginary friend to the concert. This time I will be behaved. Yet look at the results from last time:

I still can't believe that I don't deserve to be told news like that (refer previous posts). As Jem said, of all people to tell I should have been one of them. Murrrrrr people suck.

I have the perfect cure - my headphones... "Tell the repo man and the stars above, that you're the one I love, yeah.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I is crazy

Urghhh stupid email posting didn't work so I have to do this again...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Good thing I checked on my LJ friends page this morning. David Gray is going to be in NZ again. 16 April in Auckland - oh yeah :) So now I have to sit here at work trying to contain myself :P Tickets on sale Friday - rounding up who wants tickets at the moment because I will be getting them the second they are on sale :P I'm not weird or anything.

Poor Toru - this is the first time he's experiencing concert craziness :P I've already sent his sister a message to see if she's in (oh she will be).

Hmmm I should do some work... At least for a little while, then I'll spend the rest of my time investigating more details about seating and what not.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy dance

All my colour pages are printed... We ended up "borrowing" the Stats department's colour printer that they have in their office. It only prints single sided so that was loads of fun :P Now I'm just waiting to print everything else. I'm being nice incase people are still printing in the department... Otherwise they'll be waiting for 500 pages to go through :P

I called the Binders I'm going to use and the man was really lovely. I actually called just to check opening hours but he ended up booking me in and everything. So I have a binder! Woop. He was being all nice and saying they'd see me tomorrow and will make it look all nice for me :)

Now just to get that job and find a flat. Piece of cake right??