Monday, February 20, 2006

Another year goes by

So in a week I will be 23. At this time one ponders what one has done in their life (or in other words, Maree has too much time to sit and think about life). Let's see... I have a Bachelors Degree and unofficially have a Masters Degree. Somehow I've managed to get myself a fulltime job which is officially a managerial role (which still baffles my poor brain) and I have an awesome boyfriend. Hmmm so now it's time to ponder the big issues of life... Like what am I here for? And what is the meaning of life... HAHAHA. Don't hold your breath on that one. I think I've adopted the great principle of going with the flow and seeing where things lead me. It seems to be working.

Moving on from my bullshit :P Mmmm The Fudge Cottage in Christchurch has an online store. This is very bad. I resisted ordering up until yesterday afternoon. Mmmmm good fudge.

Sadly I think it's time for a trip to one of the many cafes on campus. I was trying to resist the urge but my willpower is not strong enough (especially on a Monday morning)

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