Tuesday, February 21, 2006


See this is what happens when things overlap etc. Today I checked my account balance figuring that my other job would have paid me. They had (and it's done every fortnight) but so had my new job and Studylink (which must be my last or 2nd to last payment from them). Yeah there's just a little bit of money in my account today. Of course bills and rent will make it look not so impressive. Still it's time I actually cancelled my overdraft rather than just saying I will. I shall call them soon.

Ooo uniguides coming around today with freshers. *teehehehe* Can I scare them? Nah I'll play nice. At least it will be something to do for a few hours. I got told that my rep news for Craccum couldn't be accepted (jokingly) because it was in early and they're just not used to that.

Oh yeah we're going to Strassman's Get Chuck'd tour. Mum took me to one of his other tours when I was in Dunedin one year. Was a lot of laughs so hopefully this one will be the same. Guess I should do some real work :P

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