Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy dance

All my colour pages are printed... We ended up "borrowing" the Stats department's colour printer that they have in their office. It only prints single sided so that was loads of fun :P Now I'm just waiting to print everything else. I'm being nice incase people are still printing in the department... Otherwise they'll be waiting for 500 pages to go through :P

I called the Binders I'm going to use and the man was really lovely. I actually called just to check opening hours but he ended up booking me in and everything. So I have a binder! Woop. He was being all nice and saying they'd see me tomorrow and will make it look all nice for me :)

Now just to get that job and find a flat. Piece of cake right??

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Anonymous said...

So I'm busy sitting at my Mums place (no chance of concentrating at my place), procrastinating as much as I can... avoiding doing this project for which I have a Sunday deadline and I think to myself hmmm, let's have a look at Maree's blog. I haven't been here before, and haven't spoken to you in a good few years, but I do promise I'll take that first step and start a real convo on MSN at some stage week perhaps, after I catch up on all the sleep I've missed out on over the past couple of months.

...and for some slight slice of relevance, good form on the binder! lol