Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Blue pants

New Simpsons... Ahhh blue pants and GK Wellington, esquire (or was it JK? hmm).

Apparently they've solved the shortage of fruit pickers problem... Prisoners are being paid 20c an hour to pick it. Just think, after 5 hours of work you'd have an entire dollar. Awesome.

In other more pleasant news... Toru came home with flowers and a necklace for me last night and then took me out to my favourite restaurant. Ahhh the perks of relationships :P

I got a couple of free double passes to a special screening of Wolf Creek on Wednesday night. It's being released here in a couple of weeks and everyone claims it's pretty hard out. It's supposed to be a thriller/horror.

HAHAHA it just started raining quite a bit and I've got a great view of the hords of students getting off the buses and getting drenched. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Mmmmm moisturised hands

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