Monday, February 27, 2006

I am the dancing queen

I'm changing the song (not the dancing queen song). It is now "It's my birthday and I have more David Gray tickets". YEAH BABY YEAH!!! Emma came through again and is going to join me at the 2nd Auckland concert as well. *dancing dancing dancing* This time I got us 2nd row centre. I swear to god, they are soooo reserving the front row seats. Those bastards :P Now just to smuggle my camera in.

So yesterday twas the birthday celebrations so to speak (but my bday is actually today). Toru's family took me out for lunch on Waiheke. When we arrived at the place they were playing "The Other Side" and then they proceeded to play White Ladder in its entirity. Yes - I am in Dave heaven. Then we walked around the beach before jumping back on the ferry to Auckland. Had dinner and drinks at Cardrona. To all of you who didn't show - SHAME ON YOU :P To everyone who did make it - thanks :) After 4 pints of very average beer (what do you expect at a Speights Ale House?? Just don't let my Dad hear me say that) and being told that the kitchen was closed (so no dessert), we went home. Toru had a projector from work to "test" for his clients. In other words we lay sprawled out on the bed watching The IT Crowd on the bedroom walls. I'm so buying me a projector now :P

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