Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's all about the Dave-man

Emma has come to my rescue... Well we've kinda come to each other's rescue. She's coming up to Auck for the Dave concert and was going to be going alone... So we figured we might as well get seats together. I don't know how well behaved I will be at the concert now :P It's gonna be madness.

I'm getting impatient... Probably because I have a bit too much free time at the moment (well more than I'm used to). They haven't called about the job yet and I'm starting to get antsy. Apps closed on Friday and it's just over a week before the teaching dip starts. Eeeeek. I knew time was going to be tight but this is pushing my sanity to the limit. Plus I want Friday to come, and have all week. Friday morning I get to hand my thesis in and officially be done with my 2-year masters. Friday we go to Christchurch for a long weekend. Friday I buy Dave tickets (front row baby... I will accept no less :P).

"Life in slow motion somehow it don't feel real, it doesn't seem real... Snowflakes are falling I'll catch them in my hand"

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