Wednesday, May 31, 2006

People are evil!!


You know it's a good day (sarcasm) when you haven't been at work an hour and are already pissed. Somehow I have made it to 3pm and nobody at work killed me/shot me as requested this morning. Now I just have to ignore my stomach long enough to get home and away from the traps of unhealthy food around here.

Work seems to be me fielding complaints about me at the moment. Except the complaints are because people are stupid and can't read/make mistakes. Somehow this turns into it being my fault. Go figure.

I don't think I have mentioned Tripel. It is the latest release from Monteiths and has now knocked Celtic off its throne of being my favourite beer. But sigh, it's only on very limited special release and only at selected stores. I think Toru and I will have to stock up.


There are three lemons sitting on my desk

Friday, May 26, 2006


I get to go to Christchurch next month for work. All paid for... well except for the fact that I plan to stay an extra day but hopefully I can stay with my friends for that day. Ahhh I get to stay in 4 star + accommodation in Riccarton. Mmmm Fudge Cottage.

Where is the fairness in the world??? When Jem was up last month I took her and Toru to see Ice Age 2. I paid for everyone and we all got entries into the competition they were running. Of course by now I'd completely forgotten about it. Yesterday Toru got a call saying he'd won the friggin big prize of a family ski weekend in Queenstown worth over $2000. Flights, accomodation, car rental, skiing... the whole shabang. But apparently I "wouldn't enjoy it" so I might not get to go. I brought the ticket therefore I think I should get to go :P We shall see. We might be able to score something extra since there won't be any kids going.

Nothing else of much excitement happening. I am reading a book. It's very good. I haven't read a book in quite awhile.

The end.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Apparently a house here would cost more...

Hmmm so I'm scanning through Google news and various other news sites, as I do most mornings and I happened to come across this: Australian tries to sell NZ on eBay.

I don't think I need to add anything to that. What could I add? :P

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I think today everybody's favourite person is our finance guy. He went to the GM to get us payrises because of the CPI and increase in petrol prices. So everyone on staff is getting a payrise. Most excellent :P

Oh yeah, my public service announcement... My future is off of the allowed topics for conversation at the moment. I am soooo sick of the various questions/comments. Can we all just let my life continue as is for now and deal with the future later. Thanks. Rant over...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Snuggly wuggly gloves

I love my gloves... I decided it was cold enough this morning to wear them. Now I refuse to take them off. I believe they are made of merino wool. They are a very nice dark blue/grey colour. Mmmm gloves.

So the universe punished me for leaving work ever-so-slightly early on Friday afternoon. I just missed an email from Jason saying something along the lines of 'oh yeah, just to let you know that your plan change went through yesterday'. I didn't see this email until I desperately plugged in the dialup late Saturday afternoon and checked my email. I sat pondering and hmmming. What plan change? The only plan change I had requested went through a good month or so ago... *lightbulb goes off* Ohhhhhh he must mean my new install but didn't realise it was a new install. So I ran around plugging the router back in and praise the lord (no please don't) we had our broadband back. I shall not start complaining about the speeds as everyone is at the moment. The line speed is awesome - if only we were getting some of that action.

So yes I am much happier now that I've had my Lost/Gilmore Girls/Grey's Anatomy fix... Still to get my Scrubs/Smallville/whatever-I've-forgotten fix. Mmmm Lost was so good. I ruined it by watching the recap on Friday at work and then went into rocking motion over my dire need to see it right away.

Maybe I shall go get my hot chocolate. Hopefully most of the students will be in class so I can thus avoid the masses.

Oh yeah, Nestle Double Blend hot chocolate with caramel flavour is to die for. *droooooooools* I had too many yesterday. Toru frothed the milk and everything for me. I swear I should've just brought him a milk frother for christmas - his espresso machine has just turned into a glorified milk frother.

Public Service Announcement now over :P

Friday, May 05, 2006

nobody call me with a blocked number

Because I shall not answer...

Okay tip for the day - do NOT enter competitions in westfield malls that have cars and stuff on display. *shudders* I just got called saying I get free electronics or holidays but first I have to attend a presentation with my partner before receiving my free stuff. It's timeshare... I did my google research. Also found some very interesting complaints/blog entries from Australia and America complaining about these people.

Brian likes writing "screw you" emails so he's writing a very formal, legal sounding one for me now to fire back at them and tell them never to contact me again. Until then, sorry if you have a blocked number - I'll wait to hear your v/mail :P

They interrupted my happy happy joy joy trip planning. Bastards...

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yes, the government finally decided to do something. Congratulations. Finally Telecom gets what it deserves :P

I hurt... Mucho paino... I've done something to my elbow and it hurts whenever I bend or twist my arm. This has meant I've really hurt my shoulder from trying to avoid pain from my elbow. I want to go home.

Still internetless and skyless. Supposedly we get our broadband back on Monday afternoon. I was told that Sky was being set up tomorrow although the last time I spoke to them I was scared I heard them say 9 May. Let's hope I was hearing things or that particular worker had stuffed up. Nick's been keeping me sane by bringing in my shows for me to watch. Amen to that.

Our place is almost looking like something other than a dumping ground now. We've managed to organise/unpack almost all of our junk now so it's looking a lot more livable and homely. I just want everything to be back to 'normal'. No more moving stuff to worry about. I seriously think the moving our stuff part was the least stressful thing. Dealing with various companies along with other such technicalities has given me a permanent headache.

Yay, it is almost lunchtime

Monday, May 01, 2006


I'm so wiped out. My eyes can barely focus on anything. We moved on Saturday. Didn't sleep very well Saturday night and almost thought I was getting a cold or something. So this morning getting up early for work was a bitch.

I have no Sky TV and no internet at home. Bets are now open on how long it will take before I go completely nuts. We get Sky at the new place on Friday. It's anyone's guess when we get internet again. And I'm not desperate enough to resort to dialup. I would probably shoot myself before I put myself through that. I need my shows. I need them like coffee drinkers need coffee in the morning. I wish I liked coffee, it would be useful on days like today. I wish I liked any drink with a high enough percentage of caffeine. Alas, my hot chocolate fix will have to do I guess.

I hope nobody needs me to do anything today. Other than responding to very simple emails. I will hide behind the computer and nap. Yes that will work.

And as I wrote this someone walked in. Oh well, I can handle class party orders so long as there aren't too many. The cleaner has not been in today... Why does this matter? I have no idea.

Urghhh so many headaches moving... Mainly dealing with companies. Like why do you need to change my account number when I move? And not tell me you have but send me a letter complaining about how I used the wrong account reference in the last payment I made to your company?? Plus my previous account is in credit by a substantial amount - I want my money back!!