Thursday, May 04, 2006


Yes, the government finally decided to do something. Congratulations. Finally Telecom gets what it deserves :P

I hurt... Mucho paino... I've done something to my elbow and it hurts whenever I bend or twist my arm. This has meant I've really hurt my shoulder from trying to avoid pain from my elbow. I want to go home.

Still internetless and skyless. Supposedly we get our broadband back on Monday afternoon. I was told that Sky was being set up tomorrow although the last time I spoke to them I was scared I heard them say 9 May. Let's hope I was hearing things or that particular worker had stuffed up. Nick's been keeping me sane by bringing in my shows for me to watch. Amen to that.

Our place is almost looking like something other than a dumping ground now. We've managed to organise/unpack almost all of our junk now so it's looking a lot more livable and homely. I just want everything to be back to 'normal'. No more moving stuff to worry about. I seriously think the moving our stuff part was the least stressful thing. Dealing with various companies along with other such technicalities has given me a permanent headache.

Yay, it is almost lunchtime

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