Friday, May 26, 2006


I get to go to Christchurch next month for work. All paid for... well except for the fact that I plan to stay an extra day but hopefully I can stay with my friends for that day. Ahhh I get to stay in 4 star + accommodation in Riccarton. Mmmm Fudge Cottage.

Where is the fairness in the world??? When Jem was up last month I took her and Toru to see Ice Age 2. I paid for everyone and we all got entries into the competition they were running. Of course by now I'd completely forgotten about it. Yesterday Toru got a call saying he'd won the friggin big prize of a family ski weekend in Queenstown worth over $2000. Flights, accomodation, car rental, skiing... the whole shabang. But apparently I "wouldn't enjoy it" so I might not get to go. I brought the ticket therefore I think I should get to go :P We shall see. We might be able to score something extra since there won't be any kids going.

Nothing else of much excitement happening. I am reading a book. It's very good. I haven't read a book in quite awhile.

The end.


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