Wednesday, May 31, 2006

People are evil!!


You know it's a good day (sarcasm) when you haven't been at work an hour and are already pissed. Somehow I have made it to 3pm and nobody at work killed me/shot me as requested this morning. Now I just have to ignore my stomach long enough to get home and away from the traps of unhealthy food around here.

Work seems to be me fielding complaints about me at the moment. Except the complaints are because people are stupid and can't read/make mistakes. Somehow this turns into it being my fault. Go figure.

I don't think I have mentioned Tripel. It is the latest release from Monteiths and has now knocked Celtic off its throne of being my favourite beer. But sigh, it's only on very limited special release and only at selected stores. I think Toru and I will have to stock up.


There are three lemons sitting on my desk

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