Monday, May 01, 2006


I'm so wiped out. My eyes can barely focus on anything. We moved on Saturday. Didn't sleep very well Saturday night and almost thought I was getting a cold or something. So this morning getting up early for work was a bitch.

I have no Sky TV and no internet at home. Bets are now open on how long it will take before I go completely nuts. We get Sky at the new place on Friday. It's anyone's guess when we get internet again. And I'm not desperate enough to resort to dialup. I would probably shoot myself before I put myself through that. I need my shows. I need them like coffee drinkers need coffee in the morning. I wish I liked coffee, it would be useful on days like today. I wish I liked any drink with a high enough percentage of caffeine. Alas, my hot chocolate fix will have to do I guess.

I hope nobody needs me to do anything today. Other than responding to very simple emails. I will hide behind the computer and nap. Yes that will work.

And as I wrote this someone walked in. Oh well, I can handle class party orders so long as there aren't too many. The cleaner has not been in today... Why does this matter? I have no idea.

Urghhh so many headaches moving... Mainly dealing with companies. Like why do you need to change my account number when I move? And not tell me you have but send me a letter complaining about how I used the wrong account reference in the last payment I made to your company?? Plus my previous account is in credit by a substantial amount - I want my money back!!

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