Thursday, April 27, 2006

Woe is me

I'm pouting (well kinda)... There are people everywhere in their capping gowns, even one of my staff members is off to graduate this afternoon. My thesis isn't even marked yet. I will most likely have to graduate in the September ceremony which is the small version and the 'we don't care as much' ceremony. All the exciting stuff happens in the Autumn Graduation.

Anyway we are moving on Saturday. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got us the deal of all deals (again)... Washing machine for $349 and we got $45 worth of gift vouchers thrown in with it. I love a good bargain.

Monday, April 24, 2006


I wonder if people at other workplaces actually did anything today. 5 of our staff took leave today so they'd have a 4 day weekend. The rest of us have come in for the most pointless Monday yet and then have tomorrow off.

If you hear ecstatic screaming on Saturday, it will be me. I can't wait to move. I want to move now. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Emma's photos put mine to shame... Then again she had the mother of all cameras with her :P

Monday, April 17, 2006

Dave concert (2nd one)

Once again... A lot of this probably isn't of much interest for most of you. So you've been warned. Although if anyone knows of a programme that will create an mp3 from a quicktime movie file - can you please help me out?? Most of the videos I took are crap cos I couldn't see what I was pointing at, but the sound is pretty good and I wanna somehow rip that out on its own.

I shall type this while my photos get uploaded and transferred and what not. Overall not as good as last night. Dave was still awesome but the crowd just wasn't as good. It wasn't until the final part of Please Forgive Me that everyone actually got up. Plus he tried to get us to sing "everytime I look at you" and kept making us do it over and over again until it was finally loud and didn't sound pitiful :p

I have to say the view from front row is sooo much better than 2nd row :p Although I did feel rather exposed!! Once again most of my photos are from the end when everyone was standing up and I could finally use the flash (damn ushers). But there's some really good ones I think. What else did I have to remember? Uhhh there were no stories tonight about how his daughter's head is very big and right before he was in NZ last time he had dropped her on her head. And before the Bruce Springsteen cover he said "I can't remember if I'm supposed to use the pick for this one... Oh f*** it". Oh and I'm sure Clune flashed me a big grin towards the end. Probably because I was one of the few actually dancing and singing :p

Managed to grab the setlist again, didn't look like we would at one stage. Anyway here goes:

Nos Da
My oh My
Disappearing World
Long Distance (I know this was on the setlist last night but I really don't remember it being there)
Now and Always
Acoustic x2... One was instrumental the other was Mansion on the Hill

Photos for your viewing pleasure

Dave Concert (No.1)

In one word - AWESOME. But then that doesn't even do it justice. The venue was better, the crowd was better and our seats were better. Turns out there was no row AA so we ended up being second row centre (which means front row centre tomorrow night at the 2nd concert).

Most of you won't probably be interested in the rest of this but oh well...

Okay so setlist which I managed to do a nice pleading face for...

Nos Da
Slow Motion
Ain't No Love
Now and Always
Long Distance
My Oh My

I should get to bed at some stage so I won't ramble too much. Some of the best moments had to be:
- Please Forgive Me. The entire crowd (all three levels) were up dancing which was the most awesome sight. My hands were dead after that. And singing loudly
- The randos who yelled out Shine, so Dave proceeded to say "I see we've got the Shine-ists here"
- Screaming for songs other than Babylon (what a welcome change)
- How happy Dave seemed. He was really enjoying it (ditto to Clune)

Now although it was fairly easy getting the cameras in, the stupid ushers kept walking around so I didn't have too much luck. The best photos are from the times we were up on our feet. I've got video too but the files are HUGE and the picture isn't great (I was trying to keep my camera hidden and didn't know what I was pointing at) but the sound is pretty good. If I can do some cropping I might get them uploaded. Anyway here's some photos from tonight. Should be more to come tomorrow after the second concert.



Friday, April 14, 2006

Damn rubbish trucks

Yes damn the rubbish trucks. On Wednesday morning around 6.30am the rubbish truck came and proceeded to go up and down our street and then they must have decided to go up and down a few more times just for kicks. I'm sure this lasted a good half hour, unless some other random truck had turned up to take over the up and down game. Anyway so because of that I got woken up and couldn't get back to sleep. Then what happens on Thursday morning? I wake up some time between 6.30am and 7am. And then this morning I wake up around 6am and can't get back to sleep, hence why I am posting before it even makes it to 7am on Good Friday. Yes Good Friday, when I should be sleeping in. Luckily I have my trusty laptop so I will continue to stay in bed and watch dvds and if I was really stretched for things to do I could watch Toru sleep. However watching him sleep would probably be more boring than boredom itself.

Anyway... So yesterday was a good day. It all started when we walked out the door and saw one of the evil scavengers waiting to bounce on the next available park on our street. He saw us walking out so drove up further probably thinking we were parked in the same spot as the last time he bounced on our park. He ended up waiting right beside where the car was parked and what makes this even better is we were parked in the resident permit parking area. So we go to the car he has to reverse up and stay sitting waiting for a park. I was in hysterics and at that moment knew I was going to have a great day.

Next good thing that happened... The regular girl was back at the coffee cart. She hadn't been there in a good week or two. She doesn't always make the drinks BUT she's the one who knows my order. So as soon as she saw me she automatically started making my hot choc. The milk had just been all frothed and what not so I literally got my drink within 10secs. Excellent.

Last night we went to look inside a flat we'd looked at the outside of (and peered thru the windows of)... There was another couple looking too but they obviously had a low IQ b/c the ad said no pets. Apparently those extremely small gay dogs (no offence to anyone that actually likes those) don't count as pets. Anyway we got the place. We can finally move out of here and not live with stupid flatmates. And we get to be on a nice quiet street in Mt Eden.

And with that I should stop. Toru just grabbed one of the pillows and put it on his head so maybe my typing is bugging him (although I'm sure he's asleep).

Two days till Dave!!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A million bonus points to me

So yeah while Nick is away on an extremely long weekend drooling over his mac mini, I get to be in charge of changing the backup tapes for the server at work. The alarm in the server room is on a different loop to the main one in our offices so I got given a new code to enter in. I did all that walked into the server room and figured everything was fine... then this incredibly loud friggin noise starts. So a million bonus points to me for setting off the alarm.

I need to call the branch that booked our flights... You'd think (well anyone with common sense but I know this seems to be lacking in the world these days) if you brought two tickets TOGETHER to fly somewhere in August, you would get seats together. Oh no... That would be stupid. I do not plan on spending 17 hours sitting beside some smelly icky boy or some kid who won't sit still or if I'm really lucky one of each on either side of me!! Our flights to Sydney don't seem to have predetermined seat allocations but the huge long leg of the trip does. Urgh. I will yell at them if they don't fix it. I mean it's not like it's two days before and we're getting whatever seats are left...


oops I may have stuffed up...... But it's Air Canada's fault. Who seriously labels their seats A,C,D,E,F,H,K... How does that make sense at all?????

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"The couple have a 23 month year old daughter Apple, who will be celebrating her third birthday with the newest entrant in the family on May 14"

If she is 23 months old then I must be missing something? Can she teleport herself into the future or do the reversal of Superman but still accomplish shifting time by spinning the Earth on its axis?

23 months = 3 years old in May????????????

*shaking head in disbelief*

Not a fruit

Chris and Gwyneth had a boy and called it Moses... Coldplay have a song called Moses but yeah that's probably pointless info but I'm always full of pointless info.

At least the boy wasn't called banana. That would be unfortunate.

*ponders other fruit/vege names*

I think I'm out of A-list material (yes I know - I very rarely have A-list material)

Back to my hot chocolate... must try not to burn tongue

Friday, April 07, 2006


Nobody seems all that intent on doing work today. YAY it's FRIDAY. But I do have to come in to work for about 15 mins tomorrow. Boo. One of my staff members is running a training session which I have to speak at briefly.

Dum de dum dum *twiddles fingers* What is there to do?

One week (and a couple of days) till DAVE. Yay for Dave. And Jem arrives next Saturday for the craziness. It will be a great easter, apart from the fact that I can't have chocolate cos I'm not allowed anything at the moment. And if this doens't work I'm really going to go crazy. I'll be going crazy enough without my Friday night beer. Oh well... Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

We now, supposedly, have a 3.5Mbit connection at home. The likeliness of getting 3.5Mbit at anyone time... well I haven't worked that out but unless it's maybe 2am I'd say the chances are very very low. But we now have a 30GB cap. So really this is all just a slight improvement and everyone knows that even with this NZs broadband is still crap. Damn contention ratios.

I'll go do some work now.............................................. (ha ha ha)

Monday, April 03, 2006


k i think it's working now. *fingers crossed* Will be throwing stuff soon otherwise
looks like it's working. I've added a flickr badge above the links to the photo galleries that have always been there... I don't have that many photos on flickr at this stage and I think some of them overlap with ones in the galleries so you'll just have to deal. If you can't - go cry, I don't care :P

Rainy days and mondays

Okay weird tech difficulties... Publishing from flickr worked but the photo didn't show up and now blogger doesn't seem to be letting me add a picture at all. I'll keep working on it


Well not both anyway... Yesterday was the insane rainy day (and our damn newspaper was once again shoved in the letterbox to get nice and soaked) and today is Monday. Boo.

We booked our flights. They bet the quote I had by $5 per person... It's something anyway. And we've managed to avoid having to go thru insane security and airports in America. We're taking the route via Sydney with Air Canada. Stupid National Bank eftpos limits meant we had to go back again on Sunday to finish paying for the tickets.

I have to go to the dentist today :( I hope they don't ask when the last time was cos it was probably late 2000 when it was still free cos I was under 18. Those were the days. I need a filling :(

What else? I do not know what I was going to say. I made cookies last night. They're yummy.

Oh yeah, I was bored and uploaded some photos to flickr. I'm lazy and have not yet made pretty pop up galleries like I have with all my other photos.