Friday, April 14, 2006

Damn rubbish trucks

Yes damn the rubbish trucks. On Wednesday morning around 6.30am the rubbish truck came and proceeded to go up and down our street and then they must have decided to go up and down a few more times just for kicks. I'm sure this lasted a good half hour, unless some other random truck had turned up to take over the up and down game. Anyway so because of that I got woken up and couldn't get back to sleep. Then what happens on Thursday morning? I wake up some time between 6.30am and 7am. And then this morning I wake up around 6am and can't get back to sleep, hence why I am posting before it even makes it to 7am on Good Friday. Yes Good Friday, when I should be sleeping in. Luckily I have my trusty laptop so I will continue to stay in bed and watch dvds and if I was really stretched for things to do I could watch Toru sleep. However watching him sleep would probably be more boring than boredom itself.

Anyway... So yesterday was a good day. It all started when we walked out the door and saw one of the evil scavengers waiting to bounce on the next available park on our street. He saw us walking out so drove up further probably thinking we were parked in the same spot as the last time he bounced on our park. He ended up waiting right beside where the car was parked and what makes this even better is we were parked in the resident permit parking area. So we go to the car he has to reverse up and stay sitting waiting for a park. I was in hysterics and at that moment knew I was going to have a great day.

Next good thing that happened... The regular girl was back at the coffee cart. She hadn't been there in a good week or two. She doesn't always make the drinks BUT she's the one who knows my order. So as soon as she saw me she automatically started making my hot choc. The milk had just been all frothed and what not so I literally got my drink within 10secs. Excellent.

Last night we went to look inside a flat we'd looked at the outside of (and peered thru the windows of)... There was another couple looking too but they obviously had a low IQ b/c the ad said no pets. Apparently those extremely small gay dogs (no offence to anyone that actually likes those) don't count as pets. Anyway we got the place. We can finally move out of here and not live with stupid flatmates. And we get to be on a nice quiet street in Mt Eden.

And with that I should stop. Toru just grabbed one of the pillows and put it on his head so maybe my typing is bugging him (although I'm sure he's asleep).

Two days till Dave!!!!

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