Friday, April 07, 2006


Nobody seems all that intent on doing work today. YAY it's FRIDAY. But I do have to come in to work for about 15 mins tomorrow. Boo. One of my staff members is running a training session which I have to speak at briefly.

Dum de dum dum *twiddles fingers* What is there to do?

One week (and a couple of days) till DAVE. Yay for Dave. And Jem arrives next Saturday for the craziness. It will be a great easter, apart from the fact that I can't have chocolate cos I'm not allowed anything at the moment. And if this doens't work I'm really going to go crazy. I'll be going crazy enough without my Friday night beer. Oh well... Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

We now, supposedly, have a 3.5Mbit connection at home. The likeliness of getting 3.5Mbit at anyone time... well I haven't worked that out but unless it's maybe 2am I'd say the chances are very very low. But we now have a 30GB cap. So really this is all just a slight improvement and everyone knows that even with this NZs broadband is still crap. Damn contention ratios.

I'll go do some work now.............................................. (ha ha ha)

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