Monday, April 17, 2006

Dave concert (2nd one)

Once again... A lot of this probably isn't of much interest for most of you. So you've been warned. Although if anyone knows of a programme that will create an mp3 from a quicktime movie file - can you please help me out?? Most of the videos I took are crap cos I couldn't see what I was pointing at, but the sound is pretty good and I wanna somehow rip that out on its own.

I shall type this while my photos get uploaded and transferred and what not. Overall not as good as last night. Dave was still awesome but the crowd just wasn't as good. It wasn't until the final part of Please Forgive Me that everyone actually got up. Plus he tried to get us to sing "everytime I look at you" and kept making us do it over and over again until it was finally loud and didn't sound pitiful :p

I have to say the view from front row is sooo much better than 2nd row :p Although I did feel rather exposed!! Once again most of my photos are from the end when everyone was standing up and I could finally use the flash (damn ushers). But there's some really good ones I think. What else did I have to remember? Uhhh there were no stories tonight about how his daughter's head is very big and right before he was in NZ last time he had dropped her on her head. And before the Bruce Springsteen cover he said "I can't remember if I'm supposed to use the pick for this one... Oh f*** it". Oh and I'm sure Clune flashed me a big grin towards the end. Probably because I was one of the few actually dancing and singing :p

Managed to grab the setlist again, didn't look like we would at one stage. Anyway here goes:

Nos Da
My oh My
Disappearing World
Long Distance (I know this was on the setlist last night but I really don't remember it being there)
Now and Always
Acoustic x2... One was instrumental the other was Mansion on the Hill

Photos for your viewing pleasure

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