Friday, February 24, 2006

Purple monkey, yellow dishwasher

I think Katie used that as part of the title for a composition in Form 5 music. I was just talking to her on MSN which for some reason reminded me of that. Plus I think someone said it on a repeat of the simpsons that was on recently.

My eyes sting. Stupid computers.

Curling is the most boring sport in the world. Well I guess bowls comes close. At least in curling there are butch European ladies to laugh out as they scream "fast fast... clean FASSTTT". Did NZ manage to win any of its curling games? They seemed to get to play a lot but not actually win anything.

I have a mozzie bite on my little finger :( Also on my leg, my arm and my shoulder. So I guess that's good for me since the count is under 10.

Yay it's almost lunch time. Mmmm my fudge is all at home :( I had to keep it away from me

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