Friday, June 23, 2006

So don't worry about radiation...

worry about the lightning factor. Yes lightning. In the latest of "public service" announcements - you should not use your mobile phone outside during a lightning strike (article). But then you aren't safe inside either because I saw the news - I saw that house on the North Shore that got zapped by lightning and blew everything out of the power sockets.

At least if you're in Auckland you could feel better by the fact that apparently our politeness is 7th equal in the world.............. Yes that loud silence is all of us pondering what the rest of the world must be like if Auckland made it to 7th equal. To be fair, there are some polite-serviced stores around. But not enough to make 7th equal.

So maybe those silly teenage boys all those years ago in my advanced driving course were right to point out the "lightning factor" as a hazard in every single driving scenario we looked at.

Yeah or not...

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