Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today must be my lucky day

HAHA so many dodgy and not so dodgy things happening today. I was one of the "randomly selected" people that vodafone sent a txt to saying you'd get 50% bonus credit if you top up today or tomorrow. So I put $100 on, that way I get $50 free and won't have to top up for quite awhile.

I also managed to score the 50% student discount on Sunday star times subscription. Which isn't exactly dodgy, technically I'm a student because my status is 'active in programme' until my thesis is marked. Teehehe.

The other extremely dodgy thing I can't mention. Some of you will know anyway. Let's just say somehow I got access to something that is very much in early testing phases and nobody can work out how I managed to do it or why it only happened to me. Many people are jealous.

As you can see I'm really hard at work - as always :) Of course I am of course I am. Got a free pen and mug with that subscription as well


Anonymous said...

Google will hunt you down

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