Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is the point in voicemail?

What is it with people not ever bothering to return voicemails??

We know that a certain Real Estate company doesn't. I don't need to repeat that one again...

But it also appears that my "bank manager" doesn't return v/mails either... He also never answers his phone. When I wanted to cancel my overdraft I had to talk to my bank manager and not someone on the 0800 number. Yet I'm sure if I wanted to extend my overdraft they would have happily done it. Now I need to make a large one off payment but National Bank has a limit on the amount of a one off payment and it can be temporarily increased by, guess who... Yes my bank manager. All of this hassle now because the TeachNZ payment ended up going thru even though I'd pulled out. So now I have to pay that money back of course, yet the stupid online banking won't let me.

There are other people I've had to call everyday until today when they finally answered their phone.

So seriously - what is the point in voicemail? And why the hell do people always say that we should leave a message so they can get back to us. If you don't check your v/mail then be friggin blatantly obvious about it. "Hi I can't take your call and I'm too lazy to return voicemails so it's probably best not to leave one"

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