Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Queen of the castle

Yes, yes I am. Nick and I finally rearranged furniture in my office and so I now have the HUGE desk and we've managed to find even more floor space. I could have a party in here easy.

I also have a plan. gives discounts on most flights... Flight Centre has a beat price guarantee. Therefore I shall get a quote from Zuji and take it to Flight Centre and get them to beat it. Yay. It's brilliant. Mmm I want more Chupa Chups (they're leftover from the training sessions I've been running). I really should apply for the time off work at some time. It's not till Sept but early bird gets the worm or something like that right? "O Canada......" Interestingly enough that's the only part I know and whenever I say it I hear Ralph Wiggim's voice in my head.

Someone gave me a Student Discount Card for Dominos... Pitty I don't order dominos.

Mmmmm want more Chupa Chups.

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