Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Go away

Maybe I should go back to bed and get up again... I have maybe 2 hours of work left and I still haven't woken up. And guess what? This is gonna be a whine post... I have mozzie bites again, they itch and they're big and annoying. I'm sick of looking and looking for new places to live. They're either nice but too expensive or nice but way too far from the city. Or they're listed with a certain real estate agent who seem to think it's inappropriate to respond to voicemails or let them contact you on their office number. We even made the effort to drive past two places they had listed but when I try to call I went straight to v/mail - and that was on Friday. It's now Tuesday. I want to kick them all in the ass.

I also want to take qualifications away from many people at this university. My patience is starting to wear out today... Don't try to patronise me because I'm new - just because your predecessor can't notify me otherwise doesn't mean I stuffed up. How hard is it to reply to an email saying I'm no longer the contact person. Grrrrr...

I have to get handbooks printed and the quote they gave me is insane. I will be nice and not call them and tell them to shove it.

Oh boy I'm in a good mood :P

I went for a run last night but half way thru my stomach started getting semi-quesy. Stupid friggin stomach

In good news... I got my final pay today (and I obviously did have holiday pay owing - yay) and pay from here. I ended up with a lot of money today


Anonymous said...

You must have pissed off a mozzie boss in your last life, there always coming after you.

Anonymous said...

I lost count of how many mozzie bites I found this morning. It's driving me nuts.

On the upside - did get a free flower today for international womans day :)

Anonymous said...


No idea what you're looking to rent but thought maybe I could help out :)

Anonymous said...

uhhh thanks but it's more than we want to pay. Nice place tho!

Anything over $280/$300 is basically out