Thursday, March 09, 2006

Organisation... obviously lacking

So uhhh I just checked my email and there was an email "Fwd:trainees". I had no idea who it was from, thought it was spam but decided to have a look anyway. It was an email Forwaded by the education faculty from Dilworth to say when the first day for the teach trainees would be. Why the hell am I getting emails like that? I politely (and in as few words as possible) replied saying uhh I withdrew from the diploma before the course start date.

Everyone at work finds all of this stuff rather amusing because I'm sorting out stuff for myself that we would usually be doing for students. Like having to repay the $5k.

Really, where is the organisation??


Anonymous said...

I remember the great organisation talents of studylink. They would send me four copies of the same letter when ever they sent me something. Thats a shit load of paper! Even when its just one copy!

Anonymous said...

Oh that wasn't just you... I got everything in quadriplicate from Studylink too. Hmmm quadriplicate... that's kinda cool. I shall now tell all of my staff that I want everything in quadriplicate just cos I like the word