Thursday, March 30, 2006

tomorrow is Friday

So far today I have walked to the coffee cart and said hi and paid. No 'this is my order'... Yes you could say they know what I get by now. I'm there basically every day. Now is that good or bad? Every 5th one free is good. Plus it's cheaper there, and more reliable.

Anyway so this whole get rid of the 5c coin business and how it won't change prices. Yeah whatever. So apparently from November if you buy a single 45c stamp you will be charged 50c due to rounding. Yet it's still called a 45c stamp. So let's see... If I buy 9 stamps over some space of time they've made a profit of an entire stamp from me. Okay rather pointless............ But hey these things start small. What's going to be next????

Oh yeah I have a meeting with my staff in about 25 mins. Guess that gives me 25mins to look at whatever else I planned to look at on the web this morning.

3 weeks on Sunday till David Gray. Yayness (yes I know it's not a word)


Anonymous said...

Its a very good thing they know your order. I havent spoken to my coffee guy in months. As soon as i walk in the cafe he starts making my mocha. Thats the way it should be. Screw the pleasantries haha! Just give me my damn coffee...

Anonymous said...

I get that if there isn't a queue. Otherwise she's already putting the cup by the machine before I reach the counter.

Yay tomorrow I can get my freebie for the week