Monday, July 24, 2006

What I learnt about ski boots...

1. You almost break your feet trying to get into them
2. It's a workout to get your feet out of them
3. It's extremely hard to walk in them
4. It's virtually impossible to walk down stairs
5. Almost makes you wish you were a male so you could pee standing up

Yes well... I survived. No broken bones. The only aches and pains are from the stupid soft bed at the hotel which meant very crappy sleep. Getting there was not fun. There was snow on the runway in Queenstown so instead of a direct flight from Auckland to Queenstown we got taken to Invercargill. Now no offence to anyone in Invercargill but it's certainly not on my top 10 places to stop in. Hmm I wonder if it would even make my top 100?? Probably not. The airport barely existed, you had to walk outside to get to baggage claim. So once we got there we all had to pile onto buses for 2.5-3hrs to get to Queenstown. But, of course, we made it. And the bright side of all of that was that there was fresh snow and apparently Coronet Peak was the best it's been.

I have waaaay too many photos but that's what digital cameras were made for :P My photos are here

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