Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rob the nob

Yet another thrilling Saturday night at work. I think in almost 2 hours I have taken 3 calls and only one of them required me doing something. And it lasted like 2 minutes. Joy.

My thesis is never going to get done. When I say "I have to be finished at the end of January, I won't be around in the last two weeks of February" do you hear "it's not due till the end of February so we have plenty of time"??? I know I don't. Grrrrrrrr.

*yawn* I need to stop yawning. I still have another 3 hours and 15 minutes to go.

Anyway so Rob is a nob. I call a certain real estate office on Friday asking about viewing one of their rental properties. The stupid wench on the phone tells me politely to piss off (actually she told me in a really annoying voice to call Rob the nob on his cellphone). So both Toru and I try calling the cellphone on Friday only to get an answer message. So leave a detailed message with contact numbers. It's Saturday morning - have we heard back? No. So Toru calls again and finally gets an answer only to be told to "view it from the street and call me on Monday if you're still interested". Hence me calling him Rob the nob. Well I was calling him that before but yes. It's put me off even looking at what rental properties they have available.

Urghhhhhhhhh I desperately need to move before I get violent and kill our flatmate.

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