Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Verbal spewage

It's funny how much things can change in a year (well I guess in this case it's really two years). Hmmmm I don't know what I want to say really. Don't you love how people say things but their actions say something completely different. This is really the case here. You'd think if you were once supposedly someone's best friend that seeing them for the first time in forever might warrent something. It's probably one of those things when you shouldn't think much of it but it totally just backs me up with what I was thinking 2 years ago when this pretty much started. Oh well I guess I know that person X is still alive. It just goes to show though... I don't think about it much but when something really good happens I still think about them. Which is really a waste of my time.

Moving on from all that crap (I just had to add some verbal spewage to my post... I couldn't help it!!)... I was supposed to be supervising a test in about 30 minutes but I'm now being a reader/writer since they left it to the last minute.

The Jacket was good. Definitely one to see. Oh and Little Fish was good, we saw that last week. If you have the chance go to Rialto Newmarket - it's soooo nice there now.

I'm trying to work out who would be visiting my site from South America. All the other blobs on the map I can work out - although I did have to look at a map of USA to work out where the blob was... I blame Toru. I was guessing it was Colorado because I know David checks this site sometimes but Toru seemed to be thinking Colorado was closer to the top. Shame on him. If I can't count on him for useless information I'm doomed. On that note - I don't really need to watch Nat Geographic etc. because whenever we do he beats the commentator to saying everything. I wish I had useful useless information (yeah I know that sounds stupid). I know all this random stuff that nobody really gives a damn about :P

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Stupid net timeouts. Er, pick a response :P