Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My apologies to Daniel for not blogging this sooner. I am sorry to deprive you :P Life has been a hectic shamble the past week.

At approximately 3.30pm on Friday 23 November, myself, Jem and Katelyn rocked up to Trusts Stadium all the way out in Waitakere town, dressed in our finest...

Or something like that. A small crowd had already gathered and like them we were prepared with our line-waiting snacks. Everything was looking good until just before doors when the twiggy security guy decided everyone with a bag needed to be on the left side and everyone else on the right. Some pushing, shoving and jumping of barriers later and everyone was semi-sorted. We were told not to run and then told to sit down, taking me back to my primary school days. And then out of nowhere security jumps the barriers and there is a mad dash to stand up and get to the barrier. At this stage we were row 2 and ready to roll. Before The Checks even made it on stage the pushing started. Now I've been in a few mosh pits before so some pushing, sweating and extreme lack of personal space are a given... But this was worse. Once The Checks made it on stage the carnage began (actually I think the carnage began before they started). My ribs slowly became more and more crushed, to the point I thought they were going to pop out of my chest. Some idiot thought it was a great idea to shove his elbows into everyone. Some more pushing to try and make people fall over... Big security guy is standing on the barrier blocking all view of the stage... Spraying of some water to cool us down... Ribs becoming more crushed... More carnage... I give up and decide it's not worth it. Signal the big security guy... And unlike the others before me, I make a rather graceful exit. My hair was already everywhere after someone wacking my head on their way out over top of us. So big security guy grabs my arms, some useful person (few and far between where we were) pushes up from under my shoes and other not so big security guy grabs my jeans in almost a grope-fashion (which is preferable to flashing the crowd... like idiot girl in tiny denim short-shorts) and I make it over the barrier, bag still safely with me, shoes still on and security trying to give me a jacket that they assumed was mine. Then the "walk of shame" begins :P With the escort and every security guy asking if you're okay. Yes I'm not going to pass out, I just value my ribs and the ability to breathe.

Anyway eventually Jem made it out in similar fashion, Katelyn pushed her way out later. A bit further back, with some dancing space and we were sorted. Slightly lacking in a view due to the large number of tall males. So yeah, Muse sounded awesome... What I could see looked awesome. Having sweaty, topless adolescent males brushing past you... Not so awesome. Sanitiser please.

Lots of other madness happens over the weekend and then I eventually make it back to work on Tuesday. Tuesday morning my home PC decides to break... The part(s) in question are still available but are now more than what I originally paid and far more expensive than the latest so it looks like a new build is in order... And there goes more of my money. As if the weekend didn't make my credit card unhappy enough

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