Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yeah stuff... and stuff

So I finally gave in to that little voice and I now own one of these babies
16GB of beauty. Okay, I'll move on...

So we went, we saw we conquered. We did our 3 day kayak of Abel Tasman which was wicked. Catered, equipment provided multi-day trips are the way to go my friend. And there was beer... not good beer, but beer

And you know, we had chocolate dipped fruit, omelets, scrambled eggs, chicken curry... The usual "camping" stuff :P

We did get ourselves many a good pint at the Victorian Rose... The best pint of Mac's Sassy Red I have ever had. I'll refrain from posting those pictures - they're on flickr anyway.

And now we're back... And back at work... And all the fun times are gone. I was quite content playing my game for hour after hour. I was ready to never come back.

At least we're off to Wellington soon for a couple of days

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