Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Muse, geekdom and hiding from ho-ho-ho

My least favourite time of year is quickly approaching. But this year Toru and I are packing up for a few days and doing a 3-day kayak through the Abel Tasman. Fun times!

Ahhh Muse next Friday. And the "Osten invasion" as it is being called. It's going to be quite crazy next week, two people crashing on our floor for like 4 days and my parents are also in Aucks that weekend. I'm surprised I haven't worn all the Museness out of my iPod :D

I probably shouldn't admit to this but I dug out my old mic and got it working so now I can be a real geek and use voice chat in LOTRO... But I only tend to use it with my Kinship (yes okay this entire discussion is making me into more of a geek) which makes it okay because there are actually several females and there are Canadians. So it's all good!

Speaking of Canadians... well Canada... First our Canadian friend wins a NZ Herald trip to Vancouver that we also entered, then one of the students I work with wins a different competition which is also a trip to Vancouver that we had also entered. I give up... What are the odds?

Not much else to say, but thought I should say something since I haven't posted in awhile. If anyone wants to give me a trip to Montreal or Paris (or anywhere really, those just happen to be at the top of my list right now) I could not say no :P :P Yes, dream on... dream on

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