Thursday, December 16, 2010

Canadian Beer Travels v2.0 (Part 2)

Day 1 - Great Canadian Beer Festival

Then for the highlight of the beer tasting travels – two days of the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria. This was such a pleasure to attend (particularly in comparison to something like the NZ Beer Festival).


The first day ended up being much colder than expected therefore did not go down so well but I got myself a Red Racer t-shirt so all was well in the world!

New tshirt

Sun was out for the second day and we had an awesome time. We also found one of the guys from our kayaking trip who had too many tokens and as a consequence we got to try more beers! Good guy… Anyway so these are the beers we tasted (and there are a few):

Big Rock Traditional Ale, Bowen Island Irish Cream Ale and Artisan IPA
Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter and Cannery IPA and Squire Scotch Ale (double thumbs up for the Scotch Ale)
Canoe Brewpub Beaver Brown Ale
Central City Brewpub Red Racer Imperial IPA (cask) (double thumbs up – they can do no wrong!) and Red Racer Belgian Tripel

Red Racer!!!

Double Mountain Brewery India Red Ale
Elysian Brewing Immortal IPA (cask)
Hopworks Brewing Organic Rise Up Red Ale and Organic IPA
King Heffy Three Beavers Red Ale
Les Trois Mousquetaires Grand Cuvee Doppelbock
Longwood Brewpub IPA (cask) and Copper Bock
Lost Coast Brewery Chocolate Porter
Moon Under Water Brewery Blue Moon Bitter
Paddock Wood Brewery Loki Double IPA
Peaks Brew Pub Mt Pleasant Porter
Phillips Brewing Longboat Double Chocolate Porter
Pike Brewery Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (cask)
Plan B Brewing Bitter Bob Bitter and Idiot Rock IPA
Port Townsend Boatyard Bitter and Hop Diggidy IPA (cask)
Russell Brewing IP’eh and Wee Angry Scotch Ale (cask)
Salt Spring Island Ales Salt Spring India Pale Ale
Spinnakers Brewpub Jameson’s Scottish Ale (cask)
Three Skulls Ales Hop the Plank IPA (malty)
Whistler Brewing Black Tusk Ale
Wild Rose Brewery Brown Ale and IPA (cask) (also were I convinced the other half to pick up this lovely tshirt)

Out for pretend birthday brunch

Yukon Brewing Red Amber Ale

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