Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Canada Beer Blog Part 3

La Barberie was our favourite place in Québec City, thus our second favourite of the trip (nothing could beat Dieu du Ciel for me). They are a cooperative and had 16 beers available. Also noteworthy was the price, at CAD$5 a pint they were definitely the cheapest pints of the trip.

IPAsmell of toasted hops with a hoppy bitterness. 4/5

Rousse Bockdried fruits (figs? dates?), rich, silky, bitter honey finish. 4/5

Rousse Bittermalty and dry but little bitterness. Very dry finish. 4/5

Stout Imperialsmelt like banana essence or as Toru put it “perky nana on burnt toast”. Was a Baileys and banana milkshake.

There were a few other sneaky drinks in our room.

Chambly NoireBlack Ale with roasted malt. Don’t usually like these but this was relatively mild and not too bad. 3.5/5

La Barberie IPA and Rousse Bitter in 500ml bottles – definitely much better on tap.

Microbrasserie du Lièvre's IIPApurchased in 1l bottle at the supermarket. Was nice but nothing like the IIPAs at Dieu du Ciel.

Speaking of Dieu du Ciel… We made our second and last trip there on our last night in Canada. Still 17 beers available but the menu had changed slightly. Being our last night and the desire to try as many as possible, we had a little more than we should have.

FornesterieRousse de Chanure 5% but not very Rousse 3.5/5

Corvé du diableAn American Pale Ale at 6.5%. Was hoppy but very little else. Dry and definitely missing something. 4/5

Ste-Flanellerepeat performance. I drooled over this earlier.

Ciel étoiléToru was not happy with this choice (given I didn’t recognise one word in the description this is not my fault!). Lager-ish and very aniseed (he can’t stand aniseed).

Rigor Mortis BlondeA Belgium Blonde 6%. Very, very much a Belgium Blonde hence the score. They nailed the style. Possible smell of waffles or baked eggs? 4.5/5

Grand Messean “Alt” 5% which I was told was a German style-mix so didn’t know what to expect. Malty, not quite a porter, with a cedar smoked aroma. 4.2/5

Double triple – at 10% and after all those others this was asking for trouble. Forte belge – oui, it was. Reminiscent of something between a La Trappe Dubbel and Quadrupel (but not logically a Tripel as you would expect). Reminded me of the La Trappe Dubbel but had the alcoholic taste you hit with the Quadrupel. Malt and alcohol taste.

Thus this night resulted in me yelling random French at Toru (who doesn’t speak French) in the Métro. Good times. Got up the next morning and headed back to NZ.


Alif said...

Enjoyed reading all of them Maree. Thanks!

How did you guys collect all these details so meticulously? I'm far too scared to be methodical about anything when I'm travelling since it reminds me too much about work :(

Care to share your secret?

Unknown said...

Thank you :)

I carried an incredibly small notebook with me and made notes each time we tried something!

Unknown said...

And trying to give them a score became amusing in itself so didn't really feel like work (although I still struggle to put a number on them)