Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beer o'clock

Hmmmm tis about time I wrote something.

So we're off to Canada again in April, hitting the other side this time... After some researching the trip is starting to look like a microbrewery tour of eastern Canada. So we're hitting Montréal, Ottawa, Trois Rivières, Québec City and Rivière-du-loup. Who knew there were SOOO many microbreweries in the area? I think I will have to keep a beer diary.

I'm quite intrigued with the "mètre de bière" but unfortunately I don't see two of us getting through that. And from what I can tell the preferred word for pint is "pinte" however the dictionary suggests a "demi". The smaller towns are going to be fun - I see myself having to do all the beer ordering (perhaps I should charge Toru a fee for this? :P)

While in Melbourne we found this gem of a place
They stock over 600 beers from around the world and yes, I was in heaven. Upon responding to "what type of beer do you like?" with "Tripel" the very knowledgeable staff proceeded to name many Tripel and Tripel-style beers I'd never heard of. I walked out of the store with 6 beers (discount if you buy 6 imported beers!!) and later those 6 beers ended up in my suitcase (along with 2 bottles of wine) for the trip back to NZ.

So, now I'm left wanting a Maudite which I cannot find in NZ... Will have to wait till we hit Québec.

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