Friday, April 25, 2008


So yes I have been beyond slack. But so has everyone else.

But yes - I'm still alive! And slightly distracted as I'm listening to the latest Flight of the Conchords album as I write this.

So since my last post many moons ago, I left my job and moved to another and gained a little more respect in the process. Certainly a vast improvement. Anyway... it's something different.

The update for my game has gone live and I'm trying to pass time as it updates (18% done :( ). I tried downloading the torrent before the update went live but it was going extremely slow so was a bit of a waste of time (and data).

So I caved and got myself the lifetime membership, which I really should have done when I first got it but yes...

Going to see Arj Barker tomorrow at the Comedy Fest :)

Went to Dunners last weekend. As usual, did a bit of drinking

Mmmmmm.................... *drooling* Managed to find this bottle store (that my entire life in Dunners I had assumed was a crappy beer selling store and nothing more) that had lots of very nice wine and they had Chimay. It's a shame we didn't have our Chimay glasses with us (that we may have uhhh stolen from a certain bar).

Have seen a few movies but I can't remember the list... Juno, Lars and the Real Girl, Moliere, No Country for Old Men...

Jocelyn moved up to Aucks... woot! And next month is concert month... well really concert week. Foo Fighters and then STEREOPHONICS!!! Yay! Stoked.

*sigh* 21% complete... What to do?

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