Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The news of upcoming concerts tends to put me in a pretty good mood and send me straight to my phone to drag Jemma in on the excitement. I just got an email saying Snow Patrol are coming (AGAIN!) and being as special as I am I have access to the pre-sale in a couple of weeks. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And this time we don't have to take an hour bus ride to get to the venue.

I'm still waiting for all hell to break loose. It's going to be fun, I should get a hidden camera.

We (Toru and I) are hitting the slopes this weekend. Last week I decided (without realising how close this weekend was) that Toru and I should go to Whakapapa for our anniversary. Luckily it worked out okay and I still got us reasonably cheap accommodation only 20mins from the ski field.

My French lessons are over for now :( I have TEF preparation books on their way from and I will hopefully get my ass into gear and take the exam (not necessarily for the 1st and only time) later this year. Had a fun dinner with other French students on Friday night. My French teacher is great and wants me to do these exams and offered to buy me books (as in novels) when she's back home and said I was welcome to join her for a movie or two at the Film Festival.

Oh and I'm now First Aid certified. This does not give you any reason to hurt yourself in my company!

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