Friday, June 08, 2007

Geeking it up

We haven't really been doing a hell of a lot so the little I have done makes me feel like a geek. With such a large void left after all the season/series finales I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online quite a lot. Luckily Toru is finally, finally building his new computer this weekend, therefore we can now stop fighting over who gets to play games on my computer.

I finally gave in and got a new phone. I have miraculously lasted at least 2 years on my previous phone (has to be a record). The choices were many and expensive but in the end I managed to not break the bank too much (although the n95 and its maps were so appealing and the n76 just looks so sexy). So I've been slowly geeking it up and must begin the search for apps to put on it.

Our IT guy is on leave this week and I seem to have ended up with the role of temporary replacement. At least I get to bask in the glory of returning internet to the masses (even when mine never broke *bwahahaha*)

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