Sunday, April 01, 2007

Un grand repas au Bouchon

So on Friday night I headed off to Bouchon, a French restaurant and craperie in Kingsland, with one other person from my french class and a bunch from the beginners class. There was an unspoken rule (well it probably was said at some stage) amongst us that you had to order everything in French or you didn't get to eat. All fine and good unless your name is Maree. Now considering I'm still not supposed to be drinking at the moment, I went for a solitary glass of wine. I ordered in perfect French (yes I think highly of myself) but of course the one I picked was not available. So I pick another, that is also not available. Luckily I picked up that the waiter was suggesting another variety of Sauvignon for the same price so I didn't go thirsty. I still couldn't tell you the name but it was a French wine and it was very nice. So things are looking up... until I order my main and want it without the bacon. I confuse the poor waiter and then he explains that of course you can't not have the bacon because of the way it's made. So I went for the vege casserole which was awesome but I could only eat half of. I also luckily fully understood when the waiter gave it to me and warned that it was very, very hot. Fun times :) And we all go to pay for only what we ordered. That's my idea of a good night. No $50 salad for me....... I digress.

So yesterday we rocked up to Kat and Mike's wedding. The perfect excuse to break in my new TZ3 (my TZ1 is already sold and gone). You can see its glorious results here

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