Monday, January 22, 2007

Comet Hunting

When I heard Comet McNaught was in town I just had to see it. Don't ask me why... Besides the fact that such a chance doesn't come around all that often. Being in Auckland with the crappy, non-summer weather lately there has been so much cloud cover I was worried I wouldn't get the chance. So last night Toru and I took our chances and went to the Mt Eden summit. We soon realised that everyone else had the same idea. I don't think the summit has ever seen so much action. Luckily my super parking skills were in full force and I spotted someone leaving. No reversing or three-point turning for us. No, no.

We found ourselves a good spot and got my camera all set up on the tripod. It was time to try out all those extra scene modes (in particular 'Starry sky' mode). After making some girls happy by confirming that yes that spot was in fact Venus and pointing out to some other guy the general direction in which the comet would appear, I took the chance to take many, many sunset photos and night shots of Mt Eden etc.

Then finally, as Venus disappeared into the smog and evil, dirty, looming clouds, it appeared! Yay! I hadn't just huddled under a blanket for a good 30-45mins for nothing. Maybe if the clouds hold off another night this week Toru and I can drive away from the city to get a better look. Light pollution is not our friend in such situations.

And since you have made it to the end of my very geeky post, here's a picture of Auckland City at night. It's my present to you :P

Oh and for those of you who want to let your inner geek out - there's more photos on flickr.

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Unknown said...

damnit! I WALKED all the way up there on Friday only to find that the clouds were bollocksing everything up... and then could only be bothered waiting like, 5 minutes, then gave up :/