Thursday, December 21, 2006

Woe is me

Just when I was getting into my running and building up my endurance... I have to stop. Nothing but low impact cardio (ie. cycling and walking *yawn*), leg curls and 1-legged squats (I dare you to try those and without holding anything for balance). The area around my left knee has given me slight problems off and on for awhile but it was never really serious and I could run through it. Last Friday must have really aggravated it cos I spent most of the weekend limping. Anyway I was good and went to the physio which turned out to be far more worthwhile than doctors visits ever are. They had a pretty good idea of what the problem is, something to do with where the hamstring meets the knee joint. Went back again yesterday which has left it very sensitive so today I'm back to a slight limp. And apparently it will take at least one month to get better (probably more like two months) and for me to be able to run again.

Thankfully Toru can come get me from work today. It's a half-day and we close up for the year today. Two boxes arrived for me with the couriers today and work gave us all large food/drink baskets as a present. There's no way I can carry all of that and get on the bus home :P There's currently $80 worth of fudge in my office

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